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Care to give me some RDJ please?
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UFUUFUFU ;___;;;

So cute ;A;;; Man already, it's just one page but so emotional..! Please continue it D<
I-it looks so epic j Q j /droool drool

God the characters are so hot xDD
Fufufuu thanks for the sweet comments you guys ;A;
Yoshiie WTF your characters are so cute and funny xDD!! Ahh KC is so cute ;__; I love her hair design ): I hope you draw the strip of the accident where she reveals she's a demon xDD
Emil Aden
-This is my human character, Emil Aden ;;

He's 16 and he's a professional hitman/ assassin. He kills demons for individual organizations or individuals for money. (In other words, a demon slayer lol TT u TT;; )

He has many reasons, but the biggest one is, although he will probably never admit it, that he's jealous of the demons. He's envious of how powerful they are and wishes he had that kind of power, so he has trained himself in almost every martial art there is, and he kills swiftly. But he will never use a gun, he thinks those are for the weak. He prefers to kill with his hands. (Anything ranging from poison, swords, old methods used to kill before guns were used.)

Mmm @___@;; Okay. He is extremely intelligent but also sort of a snob. He will not talk to anyone unless they interest him somehow. He has never said a word to one of his targets before striking, but maybe that will change >w>;
Ffff she is so sweet looking ;;!! Love her hair style!
Oh ;A;!! So cute, I was going to give my demon horns like that but good thing I saw yours first! xD

His power is so cool, he looks like a real bad ass! TuT b Can't wait to see him in action!
Oh Nat nat, she's so cute ;__; I love her personality and power!! Really unique C:

Such a cute story omg ;__; So glad you finished and shared with us!
I see a looolliiii
January 23rd, 2009
Cute cute cuuute ;A;
Uuuu looks so hot TAT //// Man already on second page and I got hooked! Nat-nat you devil!
Stfu @w@
I was told about some drama here and ): Crazy- agreed.

From where does this look like someone else's art?