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Well,I Like Pokemon,Digimon,yu-Gi-oh,Blue Dragon,Bakugan,Oh and Girls.
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i think Absol was sent by the Prof. to keep an Eye out on hillaraee and he might Give Absoul to Her (Heres Hopeing^-^)
Well Since
Well Since Trainer's are aloud to Carry more then Six pokemon He Probubly has Alot of Pokeballs On those Belts on his Chest?
I Can See Zubat Useing Supersonic to Confuse the Aerodacktyl.
I know it is Alot
i know it maybe alot to ask but i know this site well RPG Site Called Ezpero and well it is sort of Dieing i was wondering if you Would put up a Banner on this Site so people would see it i will under Stand if you Do not What too.

Oh it is Run by a Guy Named Momiji Just in Case you Need to Talk to him(Wink Wink)
Yes your Right i Forgot about the Transport thing and the pokeball thing but you have to Admit On of the Mane poeple just have to Catch one Aerodackl. Oh and Don't Forget about Zubat on Hillaree's Head or did she Return her to Pokeball?
I Hope
I hope Hillaree Catches one....This is how it Should Down all the Aerodactyl are Flying in the Air one lookes Down it Is the Ownly Female Of the Group and it Sees Hillaree and goes After her thinking she is lunch after it Grabs her and Flys away she Grabs he Bag to Find something to use there She Finds 6 More pokeballs she Grabs on and when the Aerodactal lands on a Bulding she Throws it and Runs Away but little Does she Know it stayed inthe Ball and As soon as she is too Far from the Ball it Telports to the Proffeser's House he Then Calls her after the Whole thing is Over wanting to Know if he Should send it to her.^_^ i Love my Brain.
i was Wondering
i was wondering if you siad that any of Hillaree's pokemon Would Evolve?
I understand,i Just wonder what ones fit into the Story (wink wink)
well you Don't have to My Ideas is your Comic it is just i like to give People Ideas Because i can't spell or Draw that Well.
just an idea
what about a Hoop Earing Come to think of it Marill and Ponita would look Cute with one and so Would Oddish just put it in her left or Right Leaf on her Head just so poeple Could tell they are Girls?
how About Giving Zubat an Earring?
When is
when is the Next Chapter going up? (I Hope there is a Meowth in it^-^ A Sassy one real Girly ) oh and have you Thought About the Ribbon For Zubat? oh and is Sting Going to Be the First to Evolve he is Lv.6 after All Just one More Lv?
My head
This is Clifford,Well Anyway i have alot of idea's but you See i Suck at Writeing and Spelling and i Can't Draw to Save My Soul and i can't Sprite Ether So the Only think i Do Have is All in my Head ^_^

And i agree with you i think of pokemon As Freands not Slaves if they Are willing to Fight For me I am willing to Care for them and Talk about my Problems with them and Stuff (Mostly becouse i have nop Real Freands)