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I like Skateboarding, Computers, Consoles, Drawing... and lots of other stuff.
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You did that in PAINT? Impressive!
Kill Your Friends! They'll LOVE It!
Heh, well getting in to t-shirt design is a good thing. I'm here to show you why, with KYF-T1: CHAINSAW.

Expect more comics soon :D
Aye I noticed :(
Hmmm that didn't quite work - it was supposed to go off the right hand edge, but I was hoping smackjeeves would stretch with the image
Thanks, There will be more comments again... one day... one day...
Original post is correct - I have the game. I took the screenshot.
Thank you's :D
The text is much better. I still have no idea what is going on.
Your comic is messed up in firefox.
The "VOTE TWC TOP 100" button appears OVER the comic, instead of at the bottom.
I still don't know what's happening
I still don't know what's happening, but you changed youre text for the worse. It's to blotchy. What program do you use to make this? I noticed it's framed properly now, which is nice! But I prefered the original text.

Why don't you post this up on the forums for some critique. Get more than one opinion, because I'm only a small percentage of the market.
Sky blue.
This one makes even less sense. "I can make just got to jump ok..."

What does that mean? And also, I recommend not using sky blue against white for writing. It makes it hard to read.
I don't rightly know what's going on here.

I figure they're warping, but why? And why again? It makes no sence, and it's hard to follow the comic. Sorry to seem so negative.

Maybe try putting frames around it, or not skipping so much out at one time. I just can't follow it. Keep going and keep trying.
Before You Ask
This comic was inspired by Cutethings forum's games section. The thread where you post what you envy about the person above, Which means that everyone who posts in the thread is looking for compliments.

Fishing for Compliments. See?
The idea for this comic, original thought while we were back at school by Ink, was great. Now we have a way to publish it and I freakin' love it. I know the recent comics are simular, but that's because me and Ink have a psychic link. We always have.
This comic took me 3 tries. Photoshop crashed THREE TIMES. Never done that before. Luckily I save my work. But you guys should appreciate my effort! APPRECIATE! *SHAKES FIST*

Hehe. Seriously though, Enjoy.
Thanks :D
Not to shabby of a comic.
I like your work. MS paint comics are usually rubbish, but you've gone and broken that boundry. Well done.