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IF YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE! Please know I don't make any comics anymore, I hardly visit this site anymore. Please don't delete this account, as it is a "memorial" of sorts, to where I spent years 11, 12, and half of 13 of my life, thank you everyone!

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Have fun with life Wave.
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I haven't been on here in another ages
Yo! Haven't been on SJ for another year I think.... or atleast half a year. I remembered coming here and seeing this before; I still haven't gotten up to date. I just thought I'd see the latest page before I go back to reading it. Just one thing, the face in panel 4, a tip; Just because it's suppose to be a awesome-creepy close up shot, doesn't mean there aren't face lines.
This one page is, in a nut shell, every sonic game XD. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the games an' all, but that's basically it; Eggman starts a plan, sonic runs in and stops it XD
gah, the normal dude is a bitch! XD which is good story wise, but as a reader... well I just dont like the main character being weak XD
lmao, great so far, haven't posted another comment 'cuz I seem to be glued to this
I definitely see character development coming along, very nice!
bloody hell, Shu looks evil all the freaking time! red eyes a awesome the way they work!
ooh, a new interesting character. I am torn from him being the bad guy, and him being Shu's Dark Heart or something...
or... maybe I was wrong about his power... still, epic XD
so... I am guessing that Shu is a raven/bird of some sort, and the 'Dark heart''s power is most likely speed?
great expression, and great way to show it. My only problem is the face, it looks a little silly... that and I personally would've gone with something cooler than "battle mode" but that's just me XD
amazing, just amazing, a new font, that perfectly fits, and simply awesome emotion!
okay, this is one of those bad ass scenes of yours, I am labeling you as some one who knows how to make bad ass scenes!
seems interesting, great start for a new chapter!
okay, THIS is just beautiful, see how amazing shading and backgrounds are? not to mention you seem like a natural!
do I even have to say whats wrong with the why angel? or the skin tone? people aren't pink! XD
answers? what are the questions? I don't get it! okay, he is attacked for defending the enemy of his nations army, if that's right, then what questions? I mean, I guess he might have questions about what happened to him when he kicked ass, but you make it seem like a simple answer!
I cant lie, this page is great, the ONLY thing that would make it better is some BACKGROUNDS!!!
once again, amazing expression, I can feel the calmness in the girls eyes, and the shock in Shu's
A-MA-ZING expression, top notch!
and so our hero has a name!