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So I started reading this because your banner had a joke about yaoi (or however you spell it, I don't care). Your humor is ridiculously silly and even dumb at some times. That's exactly the way I like my jokes served :). Thanks for the laughs!
Here it is
Just as I promised, a big mystery solved. I figured that if I never named him I would eventually paint myself into a corner. I was able to give him a name (which was actually decided around page 10 or so) whilst still being able to have him retain some mystery (to be revealed later).

Hopefully I'll be able to get ahead of schedule this weekend, but I'm not sure, as work is supposed to be really busy.
I've been spending extra time on these pages (as I've said before) lately in hopes of improving what people thing of it. I think a lot of the inconsistencies and utter sloppiness of previous pages is a turn-off for many people. I used to think that it was part of the style and that it made it unique. I've since wised-up and decided that it is not the right way to go. I do believe that the extra time I'm putting in is a lot more rewarding because I feel proud of myself and page after I complete one. Thanks to those that read regularly, you're the ones that keep my head in the game :).
Ladies and Gentlemen!
You may notice (those of you that read on ComicDish) that there is a new links page (It will be attached to DrunkDuck and Smackjeeves soon). So if you'd like to share links, let me know.

This is exciting! This is page number thirty! I also spent more time on this page than I have on any other page so far, so I hope that my work shows. I'm trying to increase my quality a little bit, drawing in pencil allows for me to do that. This one is by far my favorite.

A big announcement!
One of the great mysteries (you may or may not have noticed) of Canonball Soup is about to be revealed! It will probably happen some time this week!
So if you read this comic on DrunkDuck then you have probably noticed that I've finally gotten up off my lazy butt and fixed the layout. There is also a link page that is attached to both DrunkDuck and ComicDish. If you read on CD then you will find it at the top next to the rest of the navigation, if you read on DD then you will find it right above this news section.

The links page will be attached to Smackjeeves soon!

If anybody sees anything wrong with the layout (on any of the mirrors) let me know so I can correct it.

About the links:
Most people on my DD friends list now have their comics listed in my links section. Linking back is no requirement but it would be appreciated. I'm just trying to make some friends. I'm usually pretty anti-social.
Sorry about that...
So you may be thinking that the last couple pages took a more serious tone than what you are used to. Don't worry they won't all be like that! I just needed to push the storyline a bit.
A little break
With this being the end of finals week and I have a crazy amount of shifts this weekend, I'll be taking a couple days off from drawing but I promise I'll make up for them later. You should see updates resume Sunday.
Sorry if the quality of this page is not what you've come to expect from me. I now I sure let myself down with this one. I currently have the most killer migraine ever. I almost just did this one as a single panel. The dialogue, however, is exactly what I wanted so I have no complaints there.

By the way, that's not that lame anime peace sign thing he is doing there, he just likes the letter 'v'.
I like how that wall looks with the rest of the picture. It's really big though, breaks the page.
My girlfriend thinks the fearsome pose is especially cute.