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Its me. That person. -dramatic music cue- BUM BUM BUM


I enjoy drawing cats wolves and occasionally birds and dragons
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Suspense! o.o

Anyways guess whos back! XD
me. I have another request Shadow, he is a deep black wolf with red eyes, and grey stripes. Though hes a noice guy, and is Crow's good pal.
@Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon: Wow. Never knew that XD it is funny.
VERY impressed! you did her exactly how she looks! good job ^w^

Also remember Crow? XD Crow is Willow's senpai
Yay happy days
Think about this in a abstract way
This is why its called a dump
oWo OwO oWo
What do you call a person who buys 5 boxes of cereal?
A cereal killer.
He is a noice woofer
@Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon: Poor Duke.. Sorry for your loss ;-;

And thanks.