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Hello there! :3 I'm Kyao and I have an account on a website called 'Smack Jeeves' under the name of 'Kyao'. Just incase you wanted to know. |D So lets see, I'm eventually planning to do a comic of some sort once I improve on my art, so it could be fun. :3

(I also have an account on a website called Deviantart, under the name 'Ishdia').
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    Kyao Ishdia
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December 20th, 2008
xD Never a better way to end a story arc then projectile vomit in an enclosed space.
November 5th, 2008
xD Fire axe in the bathroom, I was wondering where I went wrong with that.

But I wanna see what happens next. >D
November 4th, 2008
I can feel your pain. :l I wanted to write a vampire story but every one seems to see Twilight as a norm. now. ._. Which sucks, because the idea of vampires glittering is one of the most ridiculous things ever invented. But you shouldn't let that discourage you from your story, it's just some foolish child thinking "Vampires? OMG TWILIGHT EDWARD IS SO HOT LOL <33"
xD For some reason I doubt that you look like a grey furred anthro. x3 It's a cute design, anyway. :3
Love the stylised drawings, very cute. :3
XDDD Satanic pinata? I couldn't agree more. xDD
September 24th, 2008
Who would have guessed that such a harmless nursery rhyme could cause offence? xD
XDDD This is the best page I've ever seen in a comic. Srysly.
Girly throw = Best thing ever. xD
You know it's a good sign when you fall in love with the first page. <3
Note to self: Try not to steal from half naked demons.
That man is very good at first impressions.
For some reason I thought he was gonna say, 'Hi, hunny, I'm home!' xD
Noob magic > Bishie hair. xD
That's a very cruel wall, all he did was look at it. D:
Monster nipples = No thank you.
xD And the expressions really show the fear, well done. :3
.___.; Is it just me, or does saying a manga styled picture looks like another manga styled picture seem kinda ridiculous? And this does not remind me of Naruto. .___. The characters are no where near as shootable.
D: Uhoh
God save Ren Velis, he's at such a threat. xD
Convienent but shameful. D:
Some life advice for him:
Never anger people with pointy objects. D: