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Luffy McDuck
I read comics a lot. There are lots of great comics but to name a few quickly... lets just say the best ones are Don Rosa´s Scrooge McDuck stories and Eiichiro Oda´s One Piece.

Also, I play Nintendo games, Pokémon Trading Card Game and badminton.
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Hahaha, I was trying to reference Dark Knight Returns here but there is some JoJo in that GHOOOO-soundeffect too.
Oh yeah! Mega Man will actually be in SSB4!!!
I´m done
And that´s it folks. As I said earlier I won´t start new comics unless I´m sure I´ll finish them. See you later!
@Knuckles The Echinda:
Nice that someone appreciates that.:)
Hey the logo´s been updated. I´m getting pumped up for S2. Let the hype train run wild, yeeeehaw! Is this going to start by the time of Cyber Realm´s 5th anniversary or have you not planned the date yet?
Seeing this page really meant something to me as I´ve read this series since the it began in 2008. This series proved to me that sprite comics can be really good. Thanks for making such a great comic.
I was trying to read the next page, until I realised this isn´t a weekly manga release with 18 or so pages.:D Well, I wanted to see more and that´s sign of a good comic.
Battletoads is hard.
"Welcome to VGLan!" :)
BTW, if you´re having trouble with A3 format just draw a page on two separate A4 and combine them like you´ve done before.
I´m happy that you´ve informed your fans for why there´s no updates. That´s all.
EOP was back for one page and now it´s on break again.
Muhahahahhaa. Now it´s my chance!
Yeah, one of my favourite sprite comic makers.
Eikö teidän koululla ole kopiokonetta?

Ja jos et jaksa viivoja piirtää kunnolla, niin tee ne koneella. Kuten tässä on tehty:
Hyvin piirretyt hahmot tällä sivulla, miinusta tulee rushituista viivoista.
Laita A-3 paperin kopiokoneeseen ja tulostat A-4 ja skannaat sen. Helppoa.
The truth:
That cereal box was made by me and it´s not sold anywhere.

If I´m going to finish this story one day then it´ll be published like the episodes Alvin does, one chapter when I´ve done and and then you´ll wait two years for the next.:D
Cyborg Arlong: "I have a Super Soaker!"
No Pelaaja, that DOES NOT explain why such a huge gun came out of his hand.
Let´s just say: Because Arlong AWESOME!

It´s cool really.