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I'm not much of a cartoonist but in my spare time I like to chart down the misadventures that pop into my head.

Hopefully, they're coherent.

I don't do bl or gl (nothing against it, just not my thing) or hentai/porn. Violence, however, is entirely acceptable :]

I update randomly. And I go nuts over comments =]
Introducing a new character! Creeping in her car....I've waited a while to start this new arc AND FINALLY THE TIME HAS COME.

Oh Tyler, such an angry irritated little boy...

@Leeland: Thanks! I hope so :[
@2955: I know, throwing money away willy-nilly...
@xx3OH3xx: Haha I would want to be him...5,000 for nothing? Can I get a hell yeah?
@mycattuna: Aww thanks! :D
@chibigirl: Lol does he really? Does he REALLY? Also, that is crazy that we all have the same name, even though every other person is named Sarah...
@Sara Obscura: Hooray! I'm glad some people like him :]
Howdy doody! Sorry for no updates, insert lame excuse here...


I was HOOKED (as per usual) and now that they're over I'm feeling an empty void in my life that can only be filled with gallons of ice cream. It's a good life.

I'm currently waiting on FRICKIN FRICK COLLEGE DECISIONS to come out :[ So far, I've only been accepted to TWO out of the EIGHT places i've applied to, so I'm waiting on the other.....SIX. Blah humbug.

@sonofdracula: For some reason my family owns comes in handy when cutting watermelon though lol
@phoenixgem: lol future planning, I like it! Haha thanks, he is an angry little coffee addict...
@xx3OH3xx: His car is filled with pillows and marshmallows and unicorns. Jus' sayin.
@NekoKira: Dang, I guess that was predictable haha...
@2955: He's packing the giant waterguns that can knock down 6 fatty 12 year olds at once.
@eternalbeliever: Haha or angry/psycho enough lol
@Sara Obscura: Thanks! I love getting new fans! OMG MY NAME IS SARAH TOO! except it's with an -h so luckily we can avoid any confusion. Higha fiva!
@xxGeeknProudxx: Haha dang, another correcto guess :[
@chibigirl: Haha sounds like a bruce willis movie lol
@altair: Thanks! I finally hauled my lazy ass to update haha...

Thanks for reading!
I would keep a bazooka in my car.

@Jem: Haha thanks! :]
@xx3OH3xx: Yeah some people can get pretty crazy about their cars...Mine has scratches all over it but I'm cool with it haha
@mycattuna: Thanks so much! I'll try to crank em out pretty regularly :]
@chibigirl: Lol his look of INTRIGUE...
@Tailsgod: I need coffee too...I drink like 5 cups a day and still feel nothing :[
@iamdea: Haha I don't think Tyler's THAT kindhearted...or any level of kindheartedness at all...
@eternalbeliever: Haha yup, that's one sturdy car!
@2955: True dat yo.
@kitaxhaku: lol thanks! I love long chains of LOL's.
Howdy ya'llz! This page is a little cluttered and I apologize for that :[

@ chibigirl: I wish I had his car :[
@ xx3OH3xx: I love getting new fans! :D
@ eternalbeliever: I'm hoping that this means more updates...I'm shooting for at least once a week but we'll see how that goes haha :]
@ DreamClaw: Mostly just lookin' for his damn coffee haha
@ cupEcake: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it :D
Happy Holidays everyone!!

(Well, Happy New Year anyways.)

Yeah yeah I know it's late but I'm a few steps behind from the rest of the's a problem...

Guess who those little tykes are?? :D Just goes to show that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can still have a happy holiday :]



I'M DONE WITH COLLEGE APPS!!! :D :D :D :D (for now that is)


Well anyways, hope you guys had a fantastic holiday!! Sorry there was nothing holiday related for NALS but uhh...I guess Tyler's flames of anger can be...the fire of Christmas joy! Obviously.

@eternalbeliever: I'm glad to see people haven't become too tired of me not updating and are still sticking with it! :D Thanks!

@KO_Okami: Yes! Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up haha...

@chibigirl: Sometimes I feel bad for putting her through so much...and sometimes I don't! haha :P

@xx3OH3xx: Thanks so much! All your comments really made my day! :D
Sorry for having another looooooooooong hiatus! D: Insert excuses about college stuff and school and just being a lazy ass and all that andd....WHOO Well here's a page anyways lol :[
October 12th, 2009
Ooh, I like where this is going.
Haha I'm a Delphin fan.
Lol nice creepin sound effects haha

Nice touch with the pidgey butthole in the second panel lol although not sure if pokemon have butt holes...i mean they don't do their business in their pokeballs do they...?
Ho hum this page is strange.

Hmm I feel like working on Valence...! ....Don't hold your breath though lol


Oh, also my birthday was on wednesday. I'm legal now! Hooray!

@cheyanne-chan: haha I'm glad I almost made you soil yourself!

@chibigirl: Lol maybe he'll send you a copy of the ID haha

@Tailsgod: I wish something like this would happen to me :[

@airatainted: Awesome! Getting anything is just a rainbow of happiness and sunshine explosion in my day :]

@eternalbeliever: I know! Kay's actually pretty damn lucky...:[ Haha thanks!

@Kandri: Haha I tried to find the cockiest most obnoxious song ever lol

@Marniemack: Lol that's awesome! I'm glad you guys violate school conduct for me :]

@BlackCatz: Yeah I'm jealous too! How sad is that lol

@ayumei: Lol yeah everyone probably thinks she thinks she's hot stuff...!
Good thing I did this instead of homework! :D

No, I didn't draw that starbucks storefront lol I STOLED IT. >:]

Are you surprised by the ringtone Tyler set on the phone for himself haha

Best picture ID ever...

@Marniemack: Haha thanks to you and your friend! Yeah it's like the story of my life...minus the cute guys and excitement...:[

@airatainted: Another attempt would be appreciated :] Lol looks like I surprised you with a new page though! :D

@eternalbeliever: Aww, thanks! It missed you too :]

@chibigirl: Haha I tried several times to get the smirk just right. Gotta nail that cockiness haha
No, your eyes do not deceive you...

I drew a page!! :D

Sorry for the severe lack of update. I didn't really disappear off the earth but am doing the next closest thing; College stuff. :[ It's unpleasant :[

So yeah, don't expect a lot of updates now until januaryish. But I'll try to get a few up now and then...

But korrected, what about the contest?!?!?!1

...Hmm...oh yeahh....about that....well if you've got any submissions send em over. But if not, eh. lol

Whoa whoa whoa, I'm surprised I still have a single fan, much less 104! Love you guys :D :D
Lol I would imagine him burning his hand on Charmander's tail...but I guess Atticus just smokes in the face of danger! harharharhar
LOL Aww Hades is so cute haha
August 13th, 2009
Holy crap that's pretty vicious lol
Haha awesome first two panels.
Haha wow I like how everyone saw this coming lol D:

Ugh huge this is kind of the fuzzy part where the script is very...fuzzy lol...

Sorry, once I stop updating it takes a lot for me to haul ass and start again. I had to redo this page cause it sucked so bad and I'm still unsatisfied with the results :[ OH WELL.

The contest is still ongoing and I only have one submission so far. I'll probably extend the deadline as well. :]

Thanks for all the comments and 100 fans!! :D adorable! I love Hades but the fact that Poseidon gave up Demeter for him is so cute! :D
Lol why was she running in the first place...? Was she supposed to be doing something...? Oh well I guess that's not important anymore haha they're so cute :D