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The bird is escaping in the sky! That’s great attention to detail!
The page says “bad source image”
The stick in kiln’s tail in the third panel is yellow.
A Gogoat! With curled horns! I’m pretty sure that was my cameo suggestion!
This makes me twice as happy to see an update on this amazing comic!
I like how Mew’s tail is on the other side of the transition. That’s amazing attention to detail!

Also.... MEW! My favorite pokemon!
Shadow Cares!
More like fiend
It would be just as bad for Riley
Kirbys so adorable as he just blows things up
I don’t like the looks of that Shadow
I think it’s adorable and made me laugh in this otherwise tense setting. Thank you for improving my day!
She’s not odd! She’s amazing!
September 22nd, 2019
Natural Harmina? Isn’t that N’s real name?
Based on the triangles, I bet they are followers of rayquaza
September 20th, 2019
I’m guessing the bad spreads through smaller animals faster than larger animals
I love Sakura’s design
Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry tree, and it’s a very popular name in fanfics.
Also, in pokemon go if you nickname an eevee Sakura, it will evolve into Espeon