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Sam the hedgehog
No description for you =P
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What is this?
Is that, new remmy sprites?
and she's almost as tall as lyssa?!
wow didnt expect to see this owo

Oddly enough I was thinking of doing some sprites again xD
Very interesting battle so far =3
And I'm loving the effects you're throwing into it x3 Can't wait for the next update!
Sam the hedgehog
September 25th, 2011
Katty used flamethrower!
Its super effective! x3
I think my spriting career is almost done to be honest. I'm drawing things alot more instead of spriting them.
I guess I just find more fun in drawing my characters now =P
Oh yeah, the fights are about to begin =3

And doesn't Carbon realise there's an easy way to bring a tall opponent down to size? -brick'd-

Great update can't wait to see the next =D
-taps your shoulder- too late for that.. -gives you a bucket of water and a sponge- now get scrubbing.

Schools done for me too =3 Happy freedom!
I'd say follow them first and see where they're going
I agree with Chase, he reminds me of Rayman now! =D
then lets make something a lot more pleasant. Love + Angelic.
alright lets go with water + air next
-coughcough- .. I think there's still some ash stuck in my lungs x__o

Damn keys! You always leave them on the table then they disappear D=<
So me and kimmy both noticed this comic was kinda dead. So I thought I'd revive the comic with COOKIES! =D

We still have spaces for those who wish to join =3
Thanks for letting us know =3
And have a good time ^^
Lets face it we've all walked in a locked door before haven't we? xD
This has been my first sprite page in MONTHS so go easy on me if I've made some common mistakes x3
I'd say a mixture of drawing and sprites would be great =3
I'm not sure about the sprite sizes though, you may have to use the other regions sprites but I'm not sure xP
Lol they had the right type of ambush, they just fell for the most simplest of tricks xD Nice one
Yeah well, not much to say here.. I'm still working on Sam's sprites for this comic. They will be different when you see him in my next update xP
Awesome comic Blitz =D
I'm liking the effects your throwing into these comics ^^