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@ Shinigami_Shimai have you considered concurrent SJ and Drunk Duck uploads plus allowing ink outbreak to aggregate?

From what I have seen of the business the secret to making a living is books and merch, so the more eyeballs you get the better
@ Shinigami_Shimai meant make money wise posting there, not an exclusive new piece (though I am sure they require you to only post there). I read Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet there, and I kinda get your uncertainty.. Nozmo has voiced some unhappiness with conforming to their seemingly iron clad format... but then again if you can make money posting your work there, no one can blame you
@ Shinigami_Shimai Doh! Yep brain fart... not sure what you would make from MM, but if you can get paid I wouldn't blame you
brain freeze probably but MM?
boobs boobs boobs boobs....