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DJ GloriX
Just a lazy little big Girl in this little big country, called the Netherlands.

I Like:
You <3
Me <3
My GF <3
My Family <3
My Friends <3
Food <3
Drawing <3
Comics/Manga <3
Anime <3
Bishounens <3
Skulls <3
Video Games <3
Yaoi <3

I no like:
Art-Thiefs, sues, stupid people, stupid girls, liars.
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    The Gloor
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We're back
It's been almost 10 years since we started this project for the very very first time, and the time has come where we matured and decided to completely revamp it all, and start again. This time with improved artstyles and mediums. With us both having a Cintiq, and being graduated from art school. We finally decided to reboot this story. There wasn't much shown here, so rebooting is a lot easier. It's going to take some time since we're busy with our other projects (Underswap: The pacifist, and The scream and many many more. But we really want to start working on this idea again!
With NEW and REVAMPED characters.
Hello, I'm a lurker.
I understand how hard it is to keep comics running, even if this one was on a 2 year hiatus, it never once occured to me that this will never be continued because I see your passion, there is passion in this comic and all of your other works from DA, and you have inspired me to have motivation in comic making.

Even in those 2 years I've read all what there was about this comic, because it's wonderful, it's inspiring, and I know there will be a day where it will be continued, and when that happends, then bombs of happiness will get loose!!

Remember that you are a wonderful person, and you deserve a lot of love for this great comic you made! And I am excited already to wait another year or two to see it finnished!! KEEP IT UP! RAAH!!

My day has been made! <3
Great to see you're updating again! <3
I apologize for saying nearly nothing for a whole year almost, but yeah, I am quieting this comic, reason? I don't like it..xD and it's way a lot more complicated, I really didn't think on how to make the whole story, and it just got into one big loop of blahding.
So I quit, and I'm going to remake this one, calling it The Wonderland Project, but I haven't finnished many pages yet, when I do, I'll start uploading it, and also make it beautifull and not all to sketchy petchy stuff xD

Sorry for the long wait whoever was keeping an eye on this one, I hope the remake won't be a disappointmen, it has a MAIN CHARACTER xD wich this one didn't have!

DJ GloriX
August 25th, 2008
Aaand I go back into the traditional colouring, only here I did it with pencils and some water colours, can't really tell huh? x_X;
Such long delay xD
*gasp* :O the princess is a BOY?¿...and you didn't knew?....then I suck at drawing males characters....but I like that :)
Well I'm going to repeat myself again.
Yes it does look like her outfit, these pages were made BEFORE I realized that I should be doing my own designs of outfits.
They will change in the future, but for now I can't simply edit the pages again :P
Aaaaaaand I totally suck at mangatones D:.....................
Well as I commented on my first news post before.
I was inspired by a disney cosplay drawing made by my girl, so I just wanted to make some seperate drawings for fun, until a story was born into my mind and I started making pages, but in progress I found out (kinda late) that I am actually not using my own styled costumes AND I wanted to add other fairytale figures that hasn't been used by disney before/yet, but I can't just redraw the pages again xD
So in future pages I will be giving all the characters my self designed costumes, and I'll be using other fairy-tales characters.
But Disney was my inspiration for this, but the story itself is made up by me, I'm just...'borrowing' the designs for a bit xD until it's the right scene and time to change their outfits.
But I wouldn't call it Rip-off, I would call it 'inspirated' ^_^
Yay, just one picture o_O|||...
And now I post comment first! Howdie howdie howdie!
The first page is so great! Yale is hawt! >D
But one tip, try to resize the page a bit smaller :3
Lol, I suck at shading xD
Last panel, pwned, totally! xD
Hilarious work!
Uwee! Thanks! =) Yeah DA has lotsa stuff, many Twewy OC's to. (and new fanart of Joshua.[/random fact])

It definiatly is awesome, I really hope for a sequel of TWEWY!

It's hard to choose yeah..Twewy has da style, the music, THE characters *drool* en THE plot, KH has wel...a lot to.'s a tough time...
Heck yeah that game rules >D
And now I wanna ask something important...

Where did you get that Picture? It's badass, T_T I wants it pwease! *begs*
....that...was..priceless xD OMG I'm enjoyning these comics a lot!
Another annoying author note
The middle panel, she's like blahblah bing about something o____O don't mind that, she's casting a spell, lol.
Page is extra big xD because I was way to lazy to re-write the whole tekst again.