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Hi there! I'm LeafeonSprings, a big Pokemon and Warrior cats fan! I'm thinking about making a few short stories and one longer story called That Fateful Fall on here, so I hope you'll read those when they come out. Feel free to talk to me anytime.
(I am Megan2251 on Scratch)
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    It starts with an M and ends with an N :D
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He looks so bold and daring!
Oh my goodness, she looks lovely! Thank you so much!
How about a chinchilla named Cynthia, who has brown fur and a silver belly?
Houndpaw is so cute, the way he stares at Cricketkit!
I'd like to make a cameo :D
I do acknowledge that my warrior will be a cameo only and nothing else. My cats name is Whitefoot. She's has a light silver coat with white paws, emerald eyes, and a small tear in her right ear. I would prefer she be in shown in Shadowclan or Thunderclan. Thank you for taking the time to read (and, maybe, even do!) my comment!
Have a great day!~
@Tehpikachu: Okay, good to know :D Thank you
I hope I don't sound pushy, but does the comic still update on Tuesdays?
Hmmmm.... How about a bear named Sasha? I don't know how she'd look
If you're looking for something different to draw, then how about a bear?
She looks cute :D!
150 readers!!! Woot woot!
I'd have to say Finley
She's beautiful! Thank you so much!
I could be a replacement editor, if you would like, but I can't do it on Discord or Messenger. Maybe we could just pm each other? Also, for editing the dialogue, do you want grammar, a check up on the dialogue to see if it fits, or both?
Okay, thank you so much!