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yoko molotov
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    yoko molotov
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in the mean time,
check out my new manga
Abigail's first appearance.
Hungry House will be returning this October! Stay tuned!

Elise is based off a real person. You can read about her here:
A new manga from illustrator Yoko Molotov
and writer Taylor White coming soon...
Im drawing Strays all digital now. I'll be updating more soon.
hey milky! yes, beliar may continue, maybe in a different way.
Thanks for sticking with me. Love you guys. I will have more pages asap!
i just read your manga all the way through, and i really loved it, very original. keep it up!
wow, can you believe it!? its an update!
the married life <3
those damn shoes
if anyone knows this commercial, you win.
ty topaz... that is extremely flattering to hear o///o
to who ever nominated strays, thank you so much!
to who ever nominated Strays, thank you so much!
im sorry if this page disturbed anyone.
maud always seems to be insensitive as possible at the worse times.

thanks for reading,
and as always, feedback please.