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Eh, I'm just a laid back guy that's into technology.
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Sigma's expression in the last panel is hilarious. In fact.. if you added a beam to it, He'd be FIRIN' HIS LAZOR!
February 6th, 2010
How did he survive? He took a gunshot point blank! Even if it wasn't fatal, how does he not have any gun shot wounds!? Where is the sense in this place!?
That is just pure evil.
Now that is funny as hell.
Run fool! Run from the naked blue man who wishes to KEEL you!
Ok, this comic is most definately one hell of an interesting read.
Well... that certainly blew a few minds...
What are you talking about, the Part number is right.
What's that red thing on gatemaster?
Well, that was quite unexpected!
Whoo! Your back! PARTY TIME!
I'm really hopin' that guy in the background running for his life somehow lives. Just so I can see him having a psychotic episode.
Wait.. did he say goddess?
These sprites are free to use. But please give credit. Took me a while to make everyhting look good to me.
A praire dog?
Wow.. you really like unleashing forces of mass destruction upon the world, Don't ya?
Huh.. so he's like an... anti-assassin?
o..k.. I cannot wait until we hear the explanation for THIS.
*Already has popcorn, a soda, and a very comfy chair to watch the fight in*