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I think your art is beautiful! Keep drawing, I love your art.
Yeah I changed my mind about the surprise, that's what I meant
Probably of Rustfang, he's my baby <3
Also if I could have a surprise profile pic that'd be cool. If you don't have the time though that's fine
I'd like to try the draw my OC thing again if that's okay. They are Antlerheart (she's missing a leg btw), Blizzardfeather and Brackenheart. (Just so you know Brackenheart and Blizzardfeather are Antlerheart's parents)
This comic looks great so far!
Hm... sounds like there's gonna be another twist.
No one will ask because it's a written story on notes I don't plan on sharing, but if I do end up doing so I'll be sure to give you credit!
Spiderfang is black with blue-ish stripes and white details, but I like the colours on her!
This is way better than my design for him. He's just golden brown for me. Mind if I use the design in the fanfic?
Hm. I'd like to see how close you can get to my OCs just by the name and gender. Spiderfang, She-cat and Larkfur, Tom. They're the main characters of the fanfic I'm writing.
@Gamegod018: Because fuck logic.
He's really cute!