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I am Leon-Alexander, just a clueless moron.
. . .
Okay, I'm Sorry for that, I think.
I love Pokemon, my comics will be filled with my OCs!

Somethin' 'bout me:
-I hate smiling
-I hate touching
-I'm asexuell
-I'm a boy (super suprise! =_=)
-I'm a german potato, that's the reason, why I will have mistakes sometimes.

Bye, I think.
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August has a twin??? O.o
And Joe broke the fourth wall!!!
I needed a moment to realize, that the one eevee with the daisy IS Daisy! XD
And that the boy beside her is Roger, her twin!
This is so awesome-
Also, Eevui has the Same eyes as Dusk!
They are so cute!!
Vay is so adorable! QwQ
I want a plushie of him!
And I think, it's really cute, how Dusk is in big brother-mode! XD
I'm a idiot! XD
I didn't knew how to become a fan, but I already clicked the comic with Fav+ to my favorites...XD
I just love Scull!
He is one of my favorite characters, after Vay, LKD and Dominic!
First: This Pokemon is adorable!
Secondly: Is it a boy or a girl? :3
And thirdly: This trainer loves eevees! XD
I would have done the same thing!
Melody, are you okay???

Of german, 'cause I'm bored: Melody, geht es dir gut???
@Lunefly the lion: LOL! XD
I just love Dusk! XD