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@Iron Ed: this is my bad, I should've put my last comment in quotes "Is this a trap?"
@Iron Ed: is this a trap?
@Iron Ed: Sarah loves to dish it out. Taking it, on the other hand...

@Triforce Fandom : I'm not quite sure I remember the connection between feathers and game stores, but I wouldn't mind doing some sort of crossover thing in the future.
@WiispNightmare: I don't mind. It's nice to hear that you relate to Tea. I cetainly know people like her.
@Iron Ed: not the type of book tea would want to find her boss reading
If leaves start falling off trees, then you can get all four seasons in one day
@Iron Ed: Her looking like she got shot? yes, that's intentional, the pretzel is a happy accident.

@AnthroLoverJay: It's fine, always something to improve on
Well as they say around my parts, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes
@Triforce Fandom : Oops
@Iron Ed: Even better than with Barbies!
@AnthroLoverJay: it probably would.
@Iron Ed: She just can't contain her excitement

@Triforce Fandom : I need to set up a poll on that sometime.
Wait so they're the same universe but different time periods, or different parallel timelines that may line up?
@Iron Ed: Fun fact; all my characters have last names of literary characters that relate to them (or histroical figure in one of the characters cases.)
Slight change in page schedule for travel reasons, so this page doesn't match page numbering.
@Iron Ed: She's worked quite hard to hide that video.

@triforce fandom: Short answer is I have reasons to have feral animals in the comic so I'm living by Mickey mouse Pluto/goofy rules here. Or Night in The Woods rules for something more modern. How does it work? idk. I'm no scientist.
It's the most magical place on earth because of all those exciting trash cans
@Iron Ed: thanks! Pepper had fun faces to draw
New font I'm trying out. Let me know what you prefer
@triforce fandom: I think it's a joke about fiber.