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Hey, just wanted to let y'all know, because of business, the pages are a little shorter today, and maybe for a couple weeks too.
@Iron Ed: Very true, he deserves his slice
@Casanova: All are mindless drones waiting to get their pizza reward.
The Pizza guardian falters
Yep, trying out some new things, messing with art styles.
Sorry for the late update, I was travelling and did not plan ahead super well.
Oh look, Mormon stuff. Don't worry, you really don't need to know about it to understand what's going on in this arc, or this comic, but if you have any questions, I'm always happy to answer
Thank goodness I have someone to help me out with all the explaining :p
Hey! Just wanted to say I love all the comments you’ve been sharing, I haven’t been able to respond to any, but they are so awesome!
I'm trying out some new styles, so expect so new things in the near future
@Cliff: I believe it's something wrong with the website if it's what I think you're talking about. I'm working on it.
hahaha ha, too real.
well, I fixed the problem in the code, but the problems still there? programming's hard, man.
Come join us on discord to discuss the comic:
Y'all want another christmas present?
Come join my discord to talk about stuff and comics and furries and things. It's an open community:
Merry Christmas!
I set up a discord for this comic, head on over to discuss WWRTM or other things:
Hello! I'm trying to advertize my patreon a little more, and I wanted to do a quick poll on what y'all would want to see more of there. Here's a quick poll, if you could answer it, I'd love it a lot:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I want to take this time to say how thankful I am for you guys, my readers. You guys are great and leave great comments and are just all around awesome. You guys make it even more worth it to write stories. Special thanks to everyone who supports me one Patreon and through commissions. You help fuel my ability to make art, and I'm just so grateful.
Yeah, so I've been considering different options for how to deal with less time to work on the comic. This was the most elegant solution. Updates won't stop, don't worry
@WiispNightmare: Y'all are totally right, I'll fix it as soon as I can.