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@Candor Zofain: Yeah, expect shading from now on!

@NovaNocturne: The poor introvert is often dragged into these moments, I find.
@Iron Ed: Especially future you.
Thanks for all the, well...thanks. You guys rock!
Happy 100 pages!
@Triforce Fandom : what secret?
@AnthroLoverJay: Hazel still has her stutter, but it's not as bad now as it was in college.
@AnthroLoverJay: Yes, Ruth is her sister. Sarah has three sisters and a brother
@Iron Ed: Right?!
Uh-oh, I wonder what's up? Grades? Money? Too many credit hours?
@Iron Ed: She swore she wouldn't, she wouldn't cry.
Two things:
So, as you see, I'm posting both pages this week today instead of two days. Why? well first of all I wanted to post more than a black page this week, but more than that, my scripts are generally all written as one continuous flow. Usually this is fine, but sometimes it means that the pages read better when you have them all at once then when you have to wait a week to see the resolution. These pages especially, considering the general lack of cohesive dialogue.

Also, I have to mention how grateful I am for all the comments I've received lately on these pages. I realize how coy I've been in responding to them. In one part it's because I don't want to spoil any story stuff, but also because it's such a visual discussion for me. If I can add to the conversation I will. I'm glad that people can relate to them and that they're sparking some discussion! Thanks for being such good readers! I appreciate it a lot.
@Iron Ed: this is my bad, I should've put my last comment in quotes "Is this a trap?"
@Iron Ed: is this a trap?
@Iron Ed: Sarah loves to dish it out. Taking it, on the other hand...

@Triforce Fandom : I'm not quite sure I remember the connection between feathers and game stores, but I wouldn't mind doing some sort of crossover thing in the future.
@WiispNightmare: I don't mind. It's nice to hear that you relate to Tea. I cetainly know people like her.
@Iron Ed: not the type of book tea would want to find her boss reading
If leaves start falling off trees, then you can get all four seasons in one day
@Iron Ed: Her looking like she got shot? yes, that's intentional, the pretzel is a happy accident.

@AnthroLoverJay: It's fine, always something to improve on
Well as they say around my parts, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes
@Triforce Fandom : Oops