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December 4th, 2009
I think, just to mess with everyone, you should make the next page in the same
style and text. Hahahha
Ahhh I know, shame on me. Fan since early, but have not posted a comment until now.
A contest would be interesting, I might join just for the sake of art practice.
Can't say that I am a good enough artist
to even be near the league of your sure contestants though.
Good luck with your hiatus, yo. >:n
i really like that outfit. :DD
you're really good at drawing. :L
you're really good at drawing clothes too! >>;;
that's so hard...
July 25th, 2008
o-o you guys are all so nice...
thank you very much! >>;;
July 24th, 2008
omg my charrie >>;;
yay i finally posted my character!
i apologize for hand-writing the information though. >>;;
i know my hand-writing is terrible,
and i promise not to hand write anything anymore. >>;;

i just realized that you can't tell what color his eyes or hair is. D:
well, by the way,
his hair is a light blue with this sea green at the tips of the back of his hair. :L
if that makes sense.
and his eyes are a voilet. XD
haha my rave name is Arcanine :P
iloveyoo XD
hahaha yay...