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dude! it's back!
so excited...
been stalking this for a while and I figured I'd comment. Love this so much <3 It's super fun to follow her around. It seems like it'd be really fun to draw too.
This is the most recent page?
This comic is awesome, can't wait to see the next page!
(cliffhangers are so unfair)
How did I not notice Jack's manheels until now?
I'm glad you're back! I had to hold back a squeal when I saw your comic had updated. Whoop!
Anyway, nice comic, Todd is so cute... </3 I'd be scared of that woman too
So THIS is why Alternate hasn't been getting much love
gotta say, love this one too though.

Most of my characters have hair that doesn't make sense IRL...or...well, just hair that you wouldn't see normally. Depending on where/when they are, the clothes and hair change. I gave one set of characters full out RP costumes (thousands of layers, oh god), and another set of characters just got normal hoodies and jeans and T-shirts.

In general I try to keep it simple...just so it isn't a nightmare to draw them later.
One thing I learned from TTGL was that the shape of the eyes can matter a lot in telling which character is which.
sorry for rambling =w=;;
oh my god I am so in love with this comic <3

It's hilarious/awesome/hot/well drawn
I don't know how to express how much I love it. When the next button stopped working I shot through three emotions:
SHOCK. SAADDD. (I'm not really sure how to describe the noise I made when I hit this) DETERMINED! Which pushed me to comment.
+fav <3<3
Just read the whole thing. When the next button wasn't working I shrieked "NUUUU!!"

Love the comic so far!