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I'm not very good a drawing but I'm good at writing and is therefore mostly trying to collaborate with artists... I haven't got much out yet... actually, I've just deleted the only comic I've gotten out anything in so far because the artist don't have time to continue it. but hopefully I will be ably to publish more comics here on smackjeeves soon enough^^
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wut is this!?
it's a page! a PAGE!
(at loss of other words X3)
that's all I can say right now...
I rarely comment on any comic I read, but I just had to tell you about this wierd dream I had this night, in which Atticus and Kahn came into my room and started to battle, and in Kahn's case catch, my pokemon plushies! it was totally wierd, kahn stole my plushies by capturing them in pokeballs! wtf!
November 19th, 2010
-said the girl with glasses fetish X3

Hi! I don't comment very often but I've been following this story for quite a while now and I love it!
just wanted to say that ^^
a new page is up!
it's been quite a while since we last updated this comic, but now a new page is finally up! I personally love the expressions on this page X3
hey! I don't think I've commented before, but I've been following this comic for quite a while... and I'm from Sweden X3
oh my god!
can't beleave I actually managed to catch up with this already. started reading only a few days ago, but I'm hooked already! want more!
sorry about the lateness guys... and for the lame page. just kinda wanted to get this going again.

soooo... who wanna do the next page?
February 22nd, 2010
aww... he likes her^^

and btw, I've sent out scripts for chapter1 of the radioplay to all actors. now I'm just waiting for their lines.

oh and another thing regarding the radioplay: sometimes I'll have to ad sounds and even lines that aren't in the comic.
otherwhise it'll be confusing for those listeners who haven't read the comic/doesn't remember what happened in the chapter.
it'll be hard for them to undertsand if I don't ad those sounds/lines since there won't be any pictures showing what's going on.
just so you're aware of that.
pages has been re-numbered since Inxere has left us.
and because of that we should not use Afro anymore either (let's just say he went out and never appeared in the same room/area as any of our characters again).

so, now... is there anyone who has an idea for another page and who hasn't made one already. or would it be okay if I did the next?
isn't 'speaking about this to everyone and asking for their opinions' what I'm doing RIGHT NOW? I'm asking what EVERYONE prefers instead of just doing my or your way. in what way am I being thick-headed when I let everyone take part in the decision?
Inxere doesn't like the 'each author does 3 pages per chapter' rule because she feels like it's limiting the authors.

she suggested we have a 'each chapter should be 30 pages long maximum' rule instead without any set amount of pages per author.

my argument for my rule was to have everyone doing equaly many pages. I thought that would be fair to everyone.

but I'm not going to be unflexible because I want you to be okay with the way we're doing this. so if you'll prefer Inxere's suggestion I'm willing to go for that instead.

so... which of these rules would you prefer?
if we're 10 authors and make 3 pages each that'll make the chapter 30 pages of which everyone has done equaly many pages. that's what I was going after with the rule. it was not just leangth but the equality as well. it was really not to limit people. it was to make it fair for everyone and so that some authors don't get to make much more pages than the others because they're quick to coment first.

you may be good authors who sees so that everyone gets to do about as much as everyone else. but I couldn't know/be sure about that when I made the rule. but... if everyone else is fine with have a 'each chapter should be maximum 30 chapters' rule instead then I might be okay with having it that way.

I'm not going to argue more. I'm going to make a coment on the next page where I ask for everyone's opinion. the majority gets to decide how we should go about it.
the only differense from before is that we do one less page each per chapter. that's all.
because we're quite many now (just 1 author away from the limit I decided) I've limited the amount of pages each of us gets to post from four to THREE PAGES PER CHAPTER. this will be the final amount. so even when we evetnually gets the 10th author it'll still be 3 pages per chapter each.
you may have made one but it was never put on the character page here. I think you posted it as a comic with the titel "Delete please" or something like that. and that I deleted it, thinking that was what you wanted because the titel told me to.
uhm... could you please make a character page for your character and send to Red Jacks who's handling the character pages.

also, from now on, please post a coment on the latest page before you make a new page telling us that your doing it.

it wouldn't be so fun if one made a page just to see when one's finished that someone else has already posted the next page without saying a word about that they was going to do it.

I'm not really mad, just want to remind you of this for everyone's sake. it's not fun to make something just to notice that it's to late to use it.
yeah... at least... I hope so. Decorrow should be doing the next page, but he hasn't done it yet it seems like. I may check on him later today.
@red jack
I understand that Jack. but could you just give me one more chance? if it ever happens again I swear I won't try to stop you from leaving. I will REALLY do my best not to seem rude.

and I've changed my mind about deleting this comic. so decorrow: if you still want to do the next page that's okay with me.