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hmm... Let's see, I like yaoi... I like to write alot... and yoga freakin rocks.

Comics I hope to get up and running soon.

Whispers In The Dark: A spin-off of a fan-fic of mine called 'Butterfly'. It'll be an original though and a yaoi.

Sleeping Beauty: A sad angsty story about two boys and their short-lived romance. A yaoi/shounen-ai.

Bruised/Rainy Monday: Two opposites + one tradgic night = one hella broken heart love story. Yaoi. :}

Superhero: set in the bad part of town, with a pessimest boy, his happy go lucky friend, and the new kid. No super powers. No lucky breaks. Just average kids trying to survive. A yaoi.

Yeah. Once I get another scanner, everything will be up and running. :P
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I totally have that hoddie!! .. in purple... I love this comic!
>.<' It's getting exciting!

Some rapage maybe? That's what it looks like. x.x Ha ha ha!

Love this comic by the way!
I really like this! It's so cute and at the smae time romantic! ...I envy your skills.. Ha ha ha!