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Adorable! ^^
Congratulations on 10 whole years! :D Hope you are well!
Omg, I was shocked to see this in my updated comics. xD Just yesterday, actually, I was looking through them and I saw that this one hadn't updated in a very long time. I considered deleting it, but noticing I had comics that hadn't updated in an even longer time, I decided not to. x3

Good thing, too. I'm still very interested in the story line, even if you change it. Good luck to you! :)
As long as you keep posting and don't let the comic die, take all the time you need. :) As a college student myself, I understand how all your time can be used up. Good luck!
October 19th, 2012

Hai! I'm here, sensei! *u*

(We share the same last name. xD )
I comment! >D
I don't usually comment. <3
But I will now. x3
I've been reading this since the beginning tho, and it's really good. ^^ One of my favorites. Keep up the good work! *shing* d=(^0^)=b

Anyway, I drew something for this a long time ago. It's not much, especially since it's just a sketch, but I've never done fan art before so I wanted to try it. :3 I hope you like it. >///< 0
Awesome. ^^ I loved the story~
I can't wait for the sequel, great job! d=(^-^)=b
Yay, an update! <D
Poor Tsukiko-san. <=(
December 23rd, 2008
Of course I'm still reading. ^^
I check it everyday for an update, silly little truffle. <D
The comic is cute, so is your art. =)
I have a question though, what does the kanji part of the title say? The rest is ki shi me te.
September 10th, 2008
Aww! This is so cute. Please continue soon! <3