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Good day, I most humans, complicated. my interests range from Anime & video games. To art $ novels. Oh! and movies!If you would like to know more...You'll just have to ask.
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April 10th, 2006
someone's got a secret desire...
Shoot him and bite his leg off why don't ya!
Rabbid girls named Kink...hmmm...poor Rock, he doesn't stand a chance.
Roe jsut wanted to add insult to injury...literally. Any hoo, I totally want a wallpaper 800x600 of that last frame!
April 10th, 2006
You have an excellent style and a nak for frame work. keep it up!
kink...cute and slightly suggestive...lightsabers are cooler than blasters!
That was awsome...I guess JP goes on the Immortal list along with several other video game and anime characters.
fetale position
Things. Now that I've "Told you things" THis comic rocks! I your style, keep it up!
Actually I felt the arrows made the conversation seem to be going at a frantic pace. I thought they were a good idea.
You can't see me
Invisible people talking to themselves...priceless! great comic!
The spoon was a damn good Idea! though one must inquire. should you use the spoon to to preform the "happy spell" would that increase it's effect?