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I enjoy comic making and music. And Video Games as well. PM me your FC if you wanna brawl, but prepare to get crushed.
My favorite RPG's are
1.Persona 4
2.Persona 3
3.Persona 2: Innocent Sin
4.The World Ends With You
5.Mother 3
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Rikus, it's a mask.
I mean, yes, he's revealed to the audience, but mask.
(Excuse for passing time while making Riku edits to look like old Aurson)
I see.
And I was apologizing for my impudence. Overuse of emotes, that is. And calling you a coward. Didn't recognize you.
I apologize sir.
Cowardly guest is a coward.
Well, yeah. XD Reaper sprites and whatnot. But he's an older Reaper brought back because the author came back.
...And I thought I resized them equally. XD I'm a bit rusty, excuse my fail. XDDD
Should be fun. :D
I'm not dead anymore. Yaaaaaaaaay.
Man, I've been a fan since early Lastfantasy. This is even better. XD
God of War 3.
This is badass~
Do that guy... Damn, I can't remember his name. The bike guy you have to race in 2000 A.D.
And Magus.
Only when I choose to be. =p
Indeed, good show, sir.
Myes, this is a rather fantastic display of hilarity.
Possible Fahrenheit reference there?
This was indeed funny.
Tunnel Snakes Rule!
Etna recolors?
What the hell has the world come to?
I mean, it's not even much of a recolor, it's so damn close to Etna's original palette!
If you guys make it to week 3 in reasonable time, I'd like to be back in, please. I'll be more active than I was before.
Good to be back, dude. How I've missed this place.
I leave smackjeeves for... Has it been just over a year? And you guys are still on Week 2?