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3rd isnt so bad...
Son, you just got passed up by "Rare Candy" in the "most popular" section! :O
I found 14, ProudER. :P
....Your father....
Dake doesnt look THAT pale, compared to Tommy atleast. XP
why do they have an eye color for each eye? i mean, i suppose im not expecting a biological answer, or what you have in plan for they're back story. i guess its just a mutation or alteast in the real world... i'll shut up now....
Why doesnt DT's, or any Charmander's Tail EVER burn anything? Atty's hair should be on fire right now!
Is Horus an Airdan?...
Usually somebody tells you before they come, its rude otherwise. lol

Misinterpret that as much as you want.
NIDORAN uses "Scary Face".

Atty's DRAGONTHING has fled the battle!
If he posted what it said in the comments, you dont have to read it, you can just put in a translator! xD
I can read japanese!!!


I dont know what it says...
too blurry. lol
Yeah, Bowser is usually the one who ends up in Lava!
so.... Giga Bowser NOW?

lol. I want him....
Giga Bowser now?
I JUST read all of your comics... It took a whole 2 days, but I finally did it.

My pride hurts...
Ok, People say its like palkia, but I could find one use for the palkia sprites, I used mewtwo, quilava, and even lugia (wing fail). Its alot harder than it looks. I suggest waiting for the real sprite. ^^;
I love Mijumaru...

hes no pimp. but he'll do.