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Still continue
lol, not a page but lil sketches of the protagonist... yeah he's gonna cry a lot lol
Stay tuned!
I'm that floaty little bunny thing... Don't expect much from that... thing...
i lol at ariels face XD,
its either ariel or ursule to me :D
the true essence of this comic...
It won't be updated for a while but stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuned!

....still fixing the layout.. i find the cover very misleading :D
lol! worse name i ever heard XD. i love that ugly baby face!
nuuuuu! why would he do such deeds D:!
Its alive and simply adorable :D!!
these make me lol XD
what a scary burning lady XD I'd start crying!
lol, her expressions are awesome :D!
ahaha! i would've done the exact same thing XD, run away!!
lol! kiss him to make it all better XD!
oh mah goodness!!!!

whaaaaaa~~~ i'm scared D:!!!
whoo! go scorch XD!
lol, ebony is awesome :D!
lol, facecrotch once again XD!
what a pretty page! hope to see more :D