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I like to hang out with friends, play video games and write in my spare time.
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Was Cha but he wanted me to write the first thing for it. Unfortunately, it took me a LONG time to remember what my password it took a bit before I could. Just to clear that up for people.
It's amusing what things can get said on an instant messanger that can spur things like THAT to come afoot. Cha was just playing Next Gen and when I heard him saying something about Sonic telling Tails to go pull a lever for him, I wondered 'What would he say if he were to finally SNAP...?'.

It went something along the lines of like this in my head, and Cha created the panels and I animated them together in Imageready. Hope you enjoy and it's not too out there. ^___^;;
Piece of my mind...


Good job on that one, can't wait for more. XP
The 70's was weird...
Nice job BDUK, really liked it. Hope to see some more guest comics soon, pretty good so far. =P
Very nice drawings Denta, liked it a lot. Things are starting to be interesting with these guest comics, I guess keep them rolling in. XD

*this time has M16 lowered from head* and I wish people didn't hold me up to comment... :'(
Nice, thought it was pretty funny the way it all went through. Almost seems like this was a hostile take over of the comic though... XD

*was not held up at gunpoint with a .357 mag to the head saying to comment* ._.;
Now if only Jell-o could stop all of the villains of the world and evil demi-gods then everything would be alright. Until then I guess they will have to settle for pudding pops. Anyways, great comic again, and cya in a week. =P
Nice one, hope to see more in the future. Get that other one made before you leave j00. I want to see what happens! XP
Sonic seems to make a funny drunk, although I think he's just crazy. Lovin' it, keep it up.
Very funny stuff, and maybe, just maybe I'll keep that in mind in the future. Now what was that phone number again... *scratches chin in ponderment*
Go Knux, go Knux! XD
Seems at least he's all happy in his own little world there. Can't wait for thise next 12 panel one you have planned. =P
Liked this one too just cause it was more randomness. Liked the little joke with Tails being constipated, and he looked it. Can't wait for the next one! XD
Hmmmmmm, seen it before and he tells the truth second time around? CLASSIC! Really liking the comikkus guys, keep it up! (and may his love for chili dogs rest in peace, poor fella... ;_; )
Dunno what Tails did to break the propeller on Eggman's machine, but something leads me to believe it was gas with the threat he made in panel 3. Made me laff all the way around though, another good one to me. Keep it up! =P
Lovin' it XD
I'd do that, for the cookies that is. Though I'm frightened of your comikku now, I didn't know it was a 45 year old pedo in a bathtub. Tiz some scary stuff... ._.

(Good work guys, keep it up XD)
I always did...
I bet there is lots of candy back there, or rings, or...exra lives. Game creators are jerks like that, so I wouldn't doubt it. Anyways, good again, keep it up! XD
Good to see that this is going at a good pace with having these come out. I'm really liking the Tails role, really like him and that role is just making me laugh every time he does something. Hope to see more and keep up the good work guys. ;)
Flaming Death!!
Love it guys, keep up the good work! XD

Flame thrower tossed in a new thing, and I liked it a lot. Though I almost thought maybe the pink could have been more of a sexist thing than racist, but that's just me. Anyways, good work! :)