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Art of Blade
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"Hey baby, wanna light my fire?"
That doesn't excuse the lack of souvenirs.
Gambling, huh?

"Xin Yang: The Genius Who Descended into the Cafeteria".
I wonder if I'm the only one who'll get my own joke. D:
A dating game?
Who was supposed to be the main character? :<
I don't see the resemblance to Spike, to be honest. ._.
Spike's hair is curlier, his nose is... flatter? And also he doesn't usually frown as much. Serene jazz dude is serene. Eye in the past and eye in the present, yo.
I bet she'd want my fishstick.
"Goldiebrown" is still better than that one DC comic, where the black kid looked like a black-face clown and his name was "Whitewash".
Companion cube!
"My name is Sue.
How do you do?
Now you're gonna die!"
Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to look manly riding the teacups.
First you just hang around all cool.
Then you rip off the turn-table thing. Just rip it off with your bare hands. If you can't do that, then you're not ready yet. Go to the gym.
Then you raise it above your head and toss it at another tea cup, and just give a big roar as you rip off your shirt and recite a random quote from Gurren Lagann.
Step out of the teacup and make it turn around with your bare hands, kicking away any other teacups that come near while shouting, "ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH!"
When you finish the ride, look upwards, shed a single tear, and cry, "OLD MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!"
Make sure there's fire behind you. Absolute must. The shadows have to dance around your facial features, and you can't do that with fire in front of you.
And then you're done. Don't forget to return the turn-table.
I have to say, after reading all these comics, that you are a brave, brave man.
The war should never have happen"ed"

"There, it's fixed."
"Oh, naive Markus."

"The Castle uuugh?"
Tamaki: Ha! I got WAY more arrows of shame and hurt to the gut than him!
*Goes off to weep in the corner*

Also, I've read the whole thing. Nice comic. ^_^ Yar.
They should have used Fire. D: It's a zombie, after all.
I, in turn, will ask YOU, since I AM immature and you're not part of my species...
You can take off your fur?
One of the words means "hair"!
That's all I know!
Art of Blade
September 24th, 2007
A lot of us DO play cards, although there are some breeds who are deathly allergic to the very concept, such as Bible Thumpers and the Wuss. It's horrible to see the boils come on their faces, really. Those who aren't, though, can be sucked into a good game of Poker, even if they aren't Gamblers. Hell, even if they don't know the rules, they'll just BS their way through. ^_^

Many also simply watch TV, although there are those groups who will put on a violent or a sporty video game on multiplayer. HAS to be multiplayer, though. Nobody's going to be watching a dude Single-Play through an RPG. The videogamers can range from the abtly named Video Gamer to the College Frat Boys, who are most likely to play Halo 2.

Video gaming and cursing go hand-in-hand, though. Just so you kn- DAMN IT YOU BASTARD YOU KILLED MY GUY YOU ASS DAMN IT.