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Yay, so happy to see this update again :D
The colors are like your interior scene! OH GOD WHY DID I BRING THAT UP I never want to think of that class again.

But this page is very pretty! I love your colors!
Stout Shako for 2 refined
Oh, I'LL let him say hello all right.

Yay new page! I like your carpet texture. 8D And I didn't notice that much of a dip in quality.
I like your font Trish! You're doing your comic in full color?? INSANE! But it looks so pretty and nice! Love your art! So pretty!

And to answer her question, his friend was MY HUSBAND SO HAWT HNNNG


This was a fun project but I've moved onto other things. D: I highly doubt this'll get picked up again.
Sorry for the late update, and only one page this week... last week was midterms so I didn't have much time to work. Update should be normal next week though.

lol no prob

Anyways you can see I'm trying out a different coloring/shading technique with the most recent pages, so hopefully that takes care of the problem.:D
Thanks for the feedback, I am experimenting and trying new things and getting mixed messages... xD I agree I need to use the screentones more effectively and I will continue to try and figure it out...

Though for my benefit can you tell me wear the bits that are hard on the eyes are? The places that stand out to me when I concentrate on that are the walls or the skin, or maybe you mean both?

Nonetheless, thank you for the feedback. :D
Mmkay comic is over go home

Juuuust kidding.

Anyways as you know I will be updating once a week on Saturdays, but every week I will add 1-3 pages. 3 pages are on a good week, less than that is if I have a busy week (homework and such...).

So this week as you noticed 3 pages were added, so don't forget to check 'em all out.
Hello everyone!
I have taken a long break from comic-ing but I want to be more productive outside of school, so I'm starting fresh with a new one.

As of now, my other solo-comics are on hiatus, and this will be my only solo project.

That's right, a TF2 fancomic. :0 I hope ya'll enjoy it.
Firings were necessary because a lot of people (like me) though didn't have the time to review comics never bothered to quit themselves.

My problem why I never quit is that I always told myself I would make a review soon, but stuff always came up and I never could. xD Ah well
December 31st, 2010
The issues with this that stood out the most was that you had too many pages that were only one or just a few panels. You could fit in a lot more story if you had more panels, and often the panels you did have served little point or were just there to take up space.

Other than that, I liked this, I agree you had some nice ideas, and I would like to read more if there is ever a future for it. :P
dat face
Also cute Minecraft skins :0 I may use the Tarson one
December 14th, 2010
I agree that the flow of the first few pages in abrupt and could use a few more to smooth out the transition; but you still generated interest and I will keep watching this. :>
Hey guys... sorry about my inactivity.
I'm going to try and be more active. So I'm going to be reviewing "Hummingbirds" expect it soon. .3.
Haha, thanks Sushi.

Sorry everyone. Between working over the summer and taking summer classes for college, and uh, well playing video games, it's been hard to keep up. I'm still waiting for the page to be inked but it doesn't look like it will be happening.

Anyways, I'll do the the inking myself if it comes down to it, though I guess I should have gotten on it quite a bit earlier. ><

Sorry for the wait, but there will be new pages in the future. The NEAR future.
Where's the webcomics list? I had called Planet B but someone already reviewed it, so I guess I need to call a new comic now, though it seems pointless because PEOPLE KEEP REVIEWING THE COMICS THAT I'VE BEEN CALLING!