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Graphic & Web Designer. Jedi Shaman Zen Basterd Samurai Art Guy and veteran of the Desktop Publishing wars. Creative Pro since 1980 B.C. (Before Computers). Also more than a bit of a SF & Fantasy & Comics nerd.
Oh wait? There's more? YAAAAYYYYYY!!! [ Snoopy dance ]
One-inch Punch, meet ONE TWO punch. HUZZAH!
Oh Yeah
** APPLAUSE ** ...'nuff said.
My Visualization of The Macrocosmic All seems to have generated many potential branches at this nexus point, all somewhat divergent.
Oh MAN. I could almost hear her eybrow *POINK* Better than I imagined. Well done!
Uh HUH... Run run run run rum escape FLEE run away!
AHHHHHhhhhh, SHIT, son. *reaches for the kelvar jacket *
New to the party Holy crap I binged the SH*T out this Mofo! Hellava ride, Sir, and now I have to cruise at the normal speed of update like lesser mortals.

A stunning opus. I occasionally get the urge to try a webcomic, and I repeatedly slab my face into the nearest hard surface till sanity re-asserts. So nuthin' but respect. CARRY ON!
Right on
"Right On" a phrase from a previous struggle. I am an older person (Can say "Black Power" with nostalgia, not irony) of mixed color and I absolutely get the bizarre contrast of "Black lives Matter" vs "All Lives Matter."

Let's just say, at a pretty young age my mother (darker than Me) had THAT conversation about how to (very carefully) conduct myself around Law Enforcement. This was something my father (lighter than me) apreciated but never fully GROKed.

OF COURSE All Lives Matter. They absolutely should. The problem we have is that to too many people, colored lives - Black, Brown, Yellow, Red - DON'T matter, as much, or at ALL.
Back in the dawn of time... the 1980s B.C. - before computers, I bloody SWORE by by Stadler-Mars Rapidograhs. Speedball extra black, and pained in solids with Higgins Super Black. And I also was a "line builder" for variable lines. I never really got the hang of variable brush lines. But I also used the heavier lines for cut-lines.

Thank you for sharing, I am fascinated by fellow artist's process.
New Guy
Dude, I am a bit new to the party ... being 2019 and all. And I am SO BINGING THIS STRIP. The art is personal and intimate, yet full of grit and reality, the narrative is compelling and the characters feel so very real and frustratingly ... human.

SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE THE COMPLIMENT. THIS SHIT ROCKS. Carry on and let the haters flame out.
Well ...there it is. And yeah, even seeing it coming, didn't QUITE see it coming. Sort of like in AlIEN, when the larvae bursts out of the egg THROUGH the faceplate of Kane's freakin' armored spacesuit.

You knew it was coming, but it still GOT ya. Well done. And very pretty page.
Late to the party here, and been binging. You can thank your fellow lunatic Eric Clements of Bohemian Nights for pointing me this way.

ANYWAY... Hella page. Peter has some serious stuff on his neck. And you make it show here. Well done.