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I finally make an accound to follow better the few webcomics I like.
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    Fruit'' if you find Fruitdecay weird..
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This is one of my favorite chapters for sure (ch8)
I love when charas don't care and let themselves get violent towards those who choose to inflict misery upon others.
I try to keep commenting but I am hooked!

I really like and also hate lmao this part of the story.

I hate these places I hate these people and I feel Robin deeply.
I really love this webcomic.
RIP Jojjo and Swann.
Holly sh*it im emotions.
I really like Runnaway stories.
good things
Knew this would come to happen from the very beggining, Beedrills are weak 'mons, I really liked Jojjo and how you drew /and portrayed her.

on a more positive note, I always Love how you make Puck. (And I've never even owned a squirtle, always Bulbizare and charmender)
You make me Love Puck!!

(ps: I love this comic!)
I really like how you draw Giovanni.

and how you draw in the comic as a whole.
Giratina is my favorite pokemon.
Puck's the best.
Just letting myself know type Bookmark
This is about where I left off when I first found this in 2014-2015, Just letting myself a comment to anchor this as some sort of boookmark.

I read further than that in 2016-17 But I still wanna let myself know (I hope this isn't weird to left this sort of comment :p)
Rick as great potential to be a Bro!

Being a Bro is one of my favorite characteristic of character! It's fun to watch/read about :D
That explains somethings about him, I like Rick.
this is so good and interesting I like it alot so far!!
the webcomci
this is very quickly hooking me in, I like it.
That's really cool details.

I like when that kinda thing plays a nice role in scenarios.
jee this is ominous.. but engaging.

Also my Desklamp and only light at night, has been unstable and flashing on and off somewhat erratically for a day now.. It makes reading at night ominous and spooky.
This is a fav 4 sure.
I hope you come back soon! this is definetly one of my favorite webcomics dude.
I hoped this would happen, I like this sort of things and I like Brendan.
Cool scenario
Scavanger raids in apocalyptic settings have potential for cool scenarios!