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@Delta-v: Hiatus!! I'm trying to figure out a good schedule for Remote Angel. It's hard to do 4 pages for Crystal Casualty each month so trying to figure out a better schedule until then! c:
August 6th, 2015
@NitztheBloody: Okie dokie! Thanks! c:
August 6th, 2015
@NitztheBloody: Hello! Are you able to still attend the contest? :D There's one month left so I really need to know if you're still able to make it.
Hey, everyone! I'm making a collab manga for you to check out on this website! Here's a link to it: ^___^
Woohoo! Didn't think I'd get the cover done today, but I did!
Don't forget to check out my contest I'm holding where EVERYONE wins!:
So far, I have all of volume 3 written out, but I'm holding off on it until I do a lot of paintings I planned out. I'll get the next chapter's cover done at least though. I am really in the painting mood so I have many ideas coming out at me!
As you noticed, I changed the layout of the cover and also have changed volume 2's layout. You'll see it when it's printed! Gave it a more cleaner look. :D
@Delta-v: Bahaha, yeah, who knows if Milk thought Zero took a dump outside. XD Milk is an odd one... Thank you!
@NitztheBloody: You are #16 on the reserved list! (Which is listed in the link on the next page)
Looking forward to your entry. Good luck!

- Yennie Fer
So happy to announce volume 2 is finally done!!!
While in the self-publishing works, I will be holding a contest
to have YOUR work, yes, YOUR WORK inside the manga! Your art
will receive credit linked to your art website like in volume 1 (As you can see in the image below)
In this contest, everyone wins to have your work inside the
published manga!
The 1st prize winner will have their fanart on a full page of
the book and will win a physical copy of Remote Angel Volume 2!

Here are the rules!:

1. You mainly have to draw any of the listed characters below.
Each will have a name with references with it. For those new to
Remote Angel or haven't gotten far in the series, you can read
it here:

Alice Desangi: (human form)
(angel form with weapon)

Fiona Saizam:

Milk Natsgol:

Zero Rillem:


Niri Namilos:

Becky Desangi:



2. No ecchi/hentai/yuri/yaoi/base works

3. Please draw the characters in their outfits to show how they
are represented.

4. No lineart/sketches. Your work has to be colored! I know
these will be printed black and white for standard printing but
possibly will have printed colored copies too for when I launch
the Kickstarter!

5. Your image dimensions must be: 1787�2555 and have 300 dpi

6. Sign your image as well with your signature.

7. Post in your description a link back to this journal about
the contest and link to the manga and tag 3 people who you
think who should also enter!

8. It's first come, first served. Only an amount of 50 entries
can be put into the manga.

9. Media that's accepted: Digital art, traditional art,
sculpture, and cosplay.

10. You can draw more than one character!

DEADLINE: September 1, 2015


First Place:

Remote Angel Volume 2 physical copy!
2 Remote Angel bookmarks of your choice
Your fanart on a full page inside Volume 2!
150 points (if you have a deviantart account)

Second Place:
Your fanart will be published with credit inside volume 2! (Not
full page though. Smaller thumbnail)
1 Remote Angel bookmark of your choice!
100 points (if you have a deviantart account)

Third Place:
Your fanart will be published with credit inside volume 2! (Not
full page though. Smaller thumbnail)
50 points (if you have a deviantart account)

Consolation prizes:
Everyone's entry will have their thumbnails of their work inside
the manga.

Possible Ideas:
- Your favorite moment from Remote Angel from what you read


I will be judging each entry on:
- Lineart
- Coloring
- Does it fit the character(s)?
And no, you won't get an automatic win if you're a close friend
of mine. =P

Entries (Reserve one if you're entering!):

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^___^
If you do not have a deviantart account, you can still enter through here! Just comment here your entry!

- Yennie Fer
YES!!! I've done it!! Volume 2 has been concluded! I will be making a BIG announcement very soon! Heehee!!
Happy I managed to finish another page this week! ^__^
@Delta-v: Hahaha!
April 28th, 2015
Remote Angel © to us
Characters featured here: Zero Rillem and Darius
Tools Used: Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop
Time Taken: 1 hr and 46 mins
April 24th, 2015
Characters featured here: Zero Rillem and Darius
Tools Used: Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop
Time Taken: 1 hr and 51 mins
April 22nd, 2015
@Delta-v: Yes! It's ok. I get the same way too. :) Here's Darius's first appearance: F11834187&qo=77
And when he appeared to Alice and Zero: F11834187&qo=99
April 9th, 2015
Oh no! :c
March 23rd, 2015
Omgosh, I realized awhile ago that chapter 1's pages aren't working on here. Ughhh so much to fix up! But for those new to this manga, you can read the first chapter here: Sorry for the inconvenience! ^^;;
March 23rd, 2015
@Delta-v: Yup yup! :D
March 3rd, 2015
Scene change! OMGOSH THIS PAGE KILLED MY HAND. I'm really trying to get more detailed with my manga.

- Yennie Fer

Remote Angel © to us
Character featured here: Zero Rillem and Milk Natsgol
Tools Used: Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop
Time Taken: 8 hrs
February 19th, 2015
Support me on Patreon here:
I finally did it! ;w; Ahh! Please support me! I offer good rewards and exclusive content!!
Depending on what you pledge, here's a detailed list of what you can earn for helping me out!
Monthly feature on deviantArt. We have over 1000 devwatchers, so if you have a deviantart, your icon will be featured on our front page!
I will tweet an artwork of yours on my Twitter (over 1000 followers) OR reblog your artwork on my Tumblr (Over 1500 followers!) to help expose your work monthly! uwu
You want me to check out your stuff? i'll follow you on deviantart, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr or Instagram! Your choice to pick one!
You need some tips on your artwork? Some lengthy positive feedback? I can give you a paragraph of a critique on one artwork of yours per month!
WIP sketches of mine!
Chibi or headshot or halfbody sketch request monthly!
Step by step processes of latest works of that month. (Or a past work of mine you can
select!) Whether it's from my manga, a painting or a commission.
A super detailed painting of half body shot of your character of your choice monthly.
Shoutout across all our social media platforms!
February 19th, 2015
@NitztheBloody: Thank you so much! ;A; I'm so happy to be engaged to AirWin. fdssdfdsdsfd