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Yea ... I wonder how they will celebrate this event. I foresee a 'Fade To Black' Scene
Well that looks like a good Dream!
Aww such a cute couple. They do pique my interest though.
You forgot the part where the first Wendigo was a Cannibal. Also they all like the taste of human flesh*.

*No Longer Cannibalism as they are no longer human.
I would say not properly placed but understandable considering she already had classmates try to kill her for being 'different.'
Drakanor Dream
December 9th, 2017
I wonder if he realizes that his punching "might" be what is making him miss her XXXXD
Drakanor Dream
November 5th, 2017
Well I think Lessons will be learned. Will Karasu be brought back as a mounted head?
Narnia you mean?

... Yes it took me a week to notice your blurb at the bottom ... Don't Judge me ::::c
C, B, B
I say they will accidentally erase the wall.
Dad is definitely trying not to watch the flirting too ::::3
Aww such a cute couple too.
Aww bad image ::::C
So by that logic they are going to rob the treasury ASAP aren't they?
I think you may have linked the wrong pic there. Since 219 and 220 seem to be the same page currently.
Page appears to be broken ::::c
Now to just bend them back a little more and let them enjoy the rehab.
I say Randy and Debbie. Because it would be awkward for them both.
Well Considering how tenuous her grasp of reality is ... Nope I think that her 'pet' old one will let her know that is not needed at this time.