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Drakanor Dream
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    Michael Duffy
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Well that looks like a good Dream!
Aww such a cute couple. They do pique my interest though.
You forgot the part where the first Wendigo was a Cannibal. Also they all like the taste of human flesh*.

*No Longer Cannibalism as they are no longer human.
I would say not properly placed but understandable considering she already had classmates try to kill her for being 'different.'
Drakanor Dream
December 9th, 2017
I wonder if he realizes that his punching "might" be what is making him miss her XXXXD
Drakanor Dream
November 5th, 2017
Well I think Lessons will be learned. Will Karasu be brought back as a mounted head?
C, B, B
I say they will accidentally erase the wall.
Aww such a cute couple too.
Aww bad image ::::C
So by that logic they are going to rob the treasury ASAP aren't they?
I think you may have linked the wrong pic there. Since 219 and 220 seem to be the same page currently.
Page appears to be broken ::::c
I say Randy and Debbie. Because it would be awkward for them both.
Well Considering how tenuous her grasp of reality is ... Nope I think that her 'pet' old one will let her know that is not needed at this time.
Drakanor Dream
March 14th, 2017
Only certain families there Flare and generally more so closer to the Cretaceous period.
Huh those are quite large heat sinks ...
@00Stevo: wait ... before cuteness? But this is adorbs ... well other then the hospital setting.
Was curious as to where you went XD
Welp I recognize those little 'statues'