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Top Hat Girl
I love comics, manga, and anime (of course) ~<3

My favorite shows/comics are the ones that have no plot! X3

Call me "Toppy"!
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Dude, I just got done reading Slackerz just two seconds ago and then you updated. Are you psychic? ?_?

Here's another awesome comic:

tis' one of my favorites :3
Top Hat Girl
July 13th, 2008
I'd freak out if that happened. ;o;
Earlier I sent you a website that shows you all the Pokemon that have been made so far, I only just now noticed that the description also says that you're sticking to the older Pokemon. ;w;
At least it'll show you bigger images and descriptions of Johto Pokemon, right?
I can't wait to see the other prince's face in the next page. XD
This is awesome!!! <3 <3 <3
cat-mouse fight? who's gonna win? x3
Here's One!
How do you make an outer lining on text so that you can even see black text on a black blackground?

How do you make that color stuff that goes around the words?

I reeeaaally need to know how to do this! X3
haha! :D this comic is so funny! x3
I love this manga/comic/whateveryoucallit soooo much ;w;

Team Rocket always says "We're blasting off again!" in the dubbed version. :P
I love this comic! <3

Don't you ever go on hiatus! (at least not for forever :P)
That's gotta hurt. x.o
I love this comic! XD

Oh yeah, and is king wearing a paper crown or a hat with a crown-shaped lining? :3
Uggghhh D:
Chest hair *shiver*
Awww SNAP. D:
I love this page. x3
This page is hilarious! XDDD
Lol King is my favorite! :3