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Who will follow her next?
Are they a lovely couple!! ^_^
lol! Charmander is like Psyduck when doing a Confusion.
Nice! It's now time for Tochu to attack!
This is my first time to read your comic. I hope I can follow up.
Another Update!
Yes! He is, he really is! The one and only Ash Ketchum. Ash here is already 28, that means that this comic is 10 years from now. Trevor is a big fan of him that's why he decided to visit his house before going on a journey.
I wonder how will they battle?
Nice Comic!
This is indeed a great comic. I am still wondering what happened to the new Mew clone?
They're Leaving
Now, they started their jourey. I am finding hard of the coloring coz it makes they're hair look bad when I fill it with black so I decided not. I hope you liked my new page.
Now you met Kevin, Trevor and mom! Kevin is quite childing in his age while Trevor is umm... too mature I think for a 15 year old guy. lol...
Here's the cover for Chapter 1! Hope you like it.