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Idk I just like comics. Been playing a lot of Pokémon insurgents recently .
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And the sin of wrath is an unknown power multiplier it X the power but we don’t know by how much so who knows how hard at max she could hit someone
Ya I said he should have doe before the math checks out but the band should have broke
This is in the Desert so I’m gonna say it’s sandstone, to break sandstone you would need to hit it with 4200 tonnes of force or 41187930 Newton’s now flare didn’t go though the whole rock so we will say he hit it with 2200 tons or 21574630 Newton’s a rubber band needs 25 megapascals of force per square inch before it breaks, if you turn the Newton’s to megapascals it’s the same number but for square millimetres if you change it to where inches that’s 862985 megapascals per square inch on the rubber band

You want to get technical I’ll get technical
And he’s 12-14 now because plot
I thought it meant the new flares virus was named starlight
Was talking to pkm he’s not there so I have to here
DONT PUSH YOURSELF...please. I over analyze everything it’s what I do and I use this worlds rules and irl rules so it’s just what I found, I love to talk about what I think and find so please don’t take what I’m saying as rude it’s not the point I want to make but I still think it should have broken but that’s my idea and I understand we’re your coming from, have a good day don’t push yourself
I know it hit his back but it should still break. “Falling doesn’t kill you going from fast to still kills you” him flying at the speed I mathematically found before then stopping in a second should one kill him and two snap the small ruber band holding it on. (I respect you but I want to make my thinking clear)
Don’t ever get me started on that I’m still mad
Nope this is a different flare form a different world he said so himself he was a light orb meaning he was ultimus in his world so there’s a good chance of being lvl100
At the beginning hes using the stage 7 eye the power of attack deleting look st his eye when the eye patch falls off and u will see it, he switch to 5 after with is a healing power look at his eye in the “stand down”
That’s not what the sin of wrath does tho it buffs how strong u r
((((2xlvl)/5+2)xpowerxA/D)/5)+2 is the dmg formula
( 46x2)/5+2 is 20.4
Power of flamethrower is 90x50 is 4500
A is 95x50 is 4,750
D will be 317 (max glaceon def)
4750/317 ~14.9
1,375,552.05/5+2=275,112.41x1.5(stab)x2(super affective)
=~825,000 dmg in one attack
Cc is dead
Yes but other have not
Hidden Conversation at the start
flare: we’re am I? Are you?
Fluffy:that voice
Flare:I see it now
Fluffy:sounds like
Flare:I’ll take over from here
Fluffy:mr flare
There’s legit hidden text PKM I love it