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I can’t figure out if there’s gonna be another journal or not as it would just be them at Trace’s house
So pkm has been releasing journals for breaking point that take place when speedy was on vacation and if something is gonna happen it will be soon (CC)
What if they are waiting for something like this to happen so they can get to speedy while he’s helping with the monsters
Lot more evidence for the sunshine is the virus theory

New info like how speedy is immune to the virus and possibly the the one who influenced it (sunshine)

New monsters that are going to start a war *insert avengers joke*

And info that the virus will be putting there plans in Motion now
We’ve all read it at this point it’s just a matter of opinion for what you think is true
He could also see worlds were leafy is killed in front of him
Basically what speedy2.0 saw “this is making me sick”
With infinite amount of worlds and timelines there’s a world where anything could happen no matter how unlikely
A world where just kris died where speedy named himself Alan instead where he still met stella and they had a kid and flare heard there Conversation were they picked a name
Just want to say the trace wishes for a girlfriend and chi said he will meet her in a year, the year the wish was made was never said but it looks like it hasn’t happened yet
I personally think what he was hearing was a conversation to name sunshine but from a world we’re flare didn’t die so not Alan’s world from the comic but a different one with Alan that’s the only way fluffy could here it
That’s literally what the memory path is. Anyone Could theoretically used the memory path to see all the different worlds everyone is in every world
Frost was reviewed but only for one year

Stella exists as there’s a Version of everyone in every world

Flare and Alan at not connected as fluffys memory path shows other flare memories and flare is dead in Alan’s world
Pretty much but let’s try not to go past 400 comments that was a bit much
It’s been almost a year sense a normal chapter page has been out
I have 0 theory’s I don’t think there’s something we haven’t covered yet
Axel asked flare if it was ok and he said yes as well as axel lives with them now