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Eeva the Eevee
I am a random (not shiny) eevee that loves pokemon!!! I want to be a sylveon when I grow up!!!!!
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This happened to me all the time when I used to play!
@Emc_502: that's good to hear!
@jaketheflareon231: got it! Will be busy this week (school) so it will be a while.
@Emc_502: yes. I didn't mean any harm...
@Pokemon151: sure? Can you tell me your character?
@jaketheflareon231: I mean as in background character or a short wierd 4th wall break where my characters meet you...
@Ultimate Yoshi: I love your comic... and Flip you Etam!!!! 😠
Good job! Can you check out mine?
So happy! *takes off bow* *starts dancing*
@jaketheflareon231: thanks! It is a little blurry and I am trying to fix that...but it's good yu cam read it! Do you want a cameo?
@pixlyJolt: look this is too everone, I am sorry I was only asking if I was because normally I am pretty late.
@Pokemon151: thanks! Can you read it?
You said don't read, I read it anyways...
Will fix the fuzziness of the image... as soon as I know how...
This is new
comic that I plan on making. Cameos are acceptable as long as there not too fancy. Hope you enjoy! Will be having an "art dump" that will be needing suggestions for drawings... Only these 3 pages are finished, so yeah.... this is all your gonna get!

Poor Espeon! Having nightmares is never any fun...
When it's Sunday night and you remember all the homework you still haven't done...
Sylveon and Umbreon? Both normal...