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September 18th, 2019
well, some birds still didn't know that the bad had already infected some other birds, so it took them by surprise
I thought almost everyone knew that already :v
Could someone please tell me what our Discord server is called?
omg thats too much information 4 me :v:
@o0okeven (/0.o)/
Emmmmm.... can somebody post the link to our Discord server? Please??
Just for curiosity, Whose voice is it that says: Found you
@Thunder4036: Speedy: *dies*
You Died!
Respawn Main Menu
Did he just..... teleported?
Okkkk.... thats gonna leave a mark, or not xd
I think I've never seen Speedy so upset
Me: PKM, what is the Lazuli’s blushing level in Panel #9?!
PKM-150: Its Over 9000!!! (/ºoº)/
Me: What,.. 9000?! There's no way that can be right!!!
@Allbergerman, By the way, thanks for the almost-answer to my question!
lol, where did you get that theory from?
Now that I think about it, how old is Gai?
Since when Speedy was still an eevee, Gai was already a Umbreon (Special Chapter 1)
@Allbergerman: I agree with you, the patch looks very uncomfortable 😅