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Hi!!! I'm Ed. I'm 16yrs old. I like videogames, yaoi, anime, Halo, Red Vs Blue, theatre, drawing, and a bunch of other stuff.

I'll add more stuff later LoL
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I can't believe its been a whole year without an update ;~;
This comic is adorable and gripping. I'm excited to see what will happen next :)
omg That text is making me trip balls @.@
Aww Pikachu's learning to respect Ash's body lol
I love Ash's expression in the last cell, he's like, "WTF just happened? D:"
Ironically funny and hot change in positions! A trainer being 'overpowered' by their pokemon LoL
Oh wow! Pikachu's really minimizing Ash. Why not just thunderbolt him like in the good ol' days LoL that is if the changed pokemon still have their abilities. Which would be cool and kinda' hot >w<
Oh God Misty forget about the bike XD
Meowth dont touch that cock XD
As much as I love it, I can't see Meowth forgiving Pikachu that easily. 7OOO or so thundershock/bolts and being blasted off, I doubt Meowth would love Pikachu after that just to get some of Pikachu. But still think its cute ^_^
I love your drawing style :D
It depends if there are any "groups" already esbalished on the model.
Boys with girl-ish faces, kawaii ^o^
@Kooler: Dude, what's you problem? I think I realized the whole script was written and that I'm reusing it. This is my first comic so cut me some slack. I'm making the comic adaptation as a tribute to Rooster Teeth. Not to remake it out of laziness. This comic is also an artistic experiment in some ways to see if the series could be remade without simply cutting and pasting pictures right from the videos and pasting pixelated text that's almost unreadable and claiming its all original. And if you think this is uncreative, why don't you try re-enacting the series with computerized replicas carefully crafted to the best of your ability along with remaking every setting in the RvB franchise from scratch? Let's see a "jackass" try pulling that off. Think before you critique dude.
Snow is good for everyone ^o^
-rolls around laughing- sheer brilliance X'D
Meowth's no slave D:<
Pikachu just talked like Yoda.

"Sorry Pikachu is."
Sorry couldn't help it ^ ^"