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Kuragari Okami
An aspiring comic artist/animator...may one day post my stuff but I need more practice.:p
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First year at college?
I've heard that the first year is always a lot of work. But later on it gets better...I'm just happy you're not dropping it, so no worries~
Uuurgh! gah! This comic is soo beautiful! *dies of jealousy*
I loooove this comic so far! Keep up the good work!XD
When and Where does this story take place exactly? ((O.O))
I would arm myself with a pencil also...>.> and OMG! I luuurv Iron Man! I couldn't stop smiling that whole movie...:D
Ignore Me!
I love this! Marks eyebrows EYEBROWS!XD and his drinking face is cute! and the censor!and...and..Silas *squee*
*flails then dies*