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Paranoid bi ethergoth with a love of energy drinks. =D I sound like a lot o' fun, eh?
I plan on getting a tablet as soon as possible, so don't worry about that. My art'll improve VASTLY.

Err...other than that I'm just a horrible artist with a dream of someone actually will enjoy something she does. YAY!
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I promise this is the last time you'll see the term "where am I" in a long, long time in this comic. I want to guarantee it will never be again, but I don't know. But I promise this: This is the last time you'll see it any time soon.

Hahah. Still love that teeny tiny Kitty in the second panel.
I thought I would go for a more simplistic design for the cover of chapter 2. I had something huge and complex all drawn up and - trust me - it looked lovely. However, I just felt it was too busy for what I was trying to create. This chapter is about Kitty, as well as to introduce you to more of the where's and who's of the story. Kitty is awfully simplistic in herself, even down to her name, so why make something big and complex? It would defy the entirety of Kitty and throw you off as to what the chapter is!
Even the rudimentary way it's drawn is on purpose to capture a little of Kitty's personality. The entire cover is a definition of who kitty is.

Hope you enjoy! Happy St. Patrick's day! 8D
See you all Thursday for another update!
I felt so sad doing this, yet sort of relieved. I made a few other chapters worth of comics, but I'm cutting most of it out. At least for now. That means fresh, exciting new ideas rather than going over the same ol' boring stuff.
Which is good for any author.

my head hurts. I know I updated a day late, but my excuse was feeling dog tired all day yesterday.
I'm gonna try and get the cover of chapter 2 up tomorrow. 8D Hope you enjoy it.
This BARELY was updated on saturday. xD let's hope my sunday update is before 11:58 p.m.
I feel bad for letting it happen once.

This is just the tiny page letting you realize just what's Ian's problem. xD
That's right, a doctor who is obsessed with poison. Completely and totally.
Your life is safe in his hands long as you're immune to poisons.
(He is! Why do you think he's not dead yet?)
50% of a Psychopathic Caramelldansen.
I know, you want more comics, but I'm...well, occupied. I'm making new characters and editing the story line, so while I'm playing around with all that I figured a caramelldansen could calm you down? This is my promise that THAT is almost done. Also, I feel that since I've made so many new characters I feel like I need to list the names (not occupations) of everyone in the house:

and Argyle.

I'm trying to incorporate them all into the story, though chapter 1 focuses more on Claude/Ian, and an introduction to exactly how things work in the house. :3 Also, it sort of warms you up to the characters? I don't know.
I just liked the first chapter, always have. But even it MAY be undergoing some minor edits to make it longer...

:3 Sorry if you hate how long this is taking me.
I hope an unhappy, dancing Claude will please you. I find that listening to the song I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Scissor Sisters) while watching this tiny bit of Claude's boogy puts a smile on my face. Try it!
Hahahah! xD
I love your artwork so much, really I do, but it's your characters that steal my heart away. <3 One of a kind, they are, and each brilliant. You have a knack for making the lovables, that much is for sure.
Still proud of that sewing panel, even in this version.
Can I stress how much I missed this comic?
I'm getting sad just accepting that the end of chapter 1 isn't a million miles away! (Of course, chapter 1 USED to be 9 pages long. Now it's a bit longer, so that's nice.)
I'm so glad to finally see what he looks like on the computer!
n_n Still as gorgeous as ever.

I went on a serious manhunt for the right font for Ian. Considering how he was the only one in the comic to talk very special, I decided to try and find something as shaky and eerie as the old font I used. Here it is for your consideration: The Doctor Ian Hale! 8D
I feel ashamed admitting how long it took me to make this page, considering how little there is on it. x_o
Still, it was a lot of work on little details nobody will probably notice. Blech.
This page..
This was definitely not in the first version. Why did I put this page? Because I felt like the chapters needed to be even a little bit longer for one, and for two I've really been eager to get the backstory of Claude's world out to the world. (Though I still have to wait ages.)

You'll see more edits throughout the re-makes. D: Sorry.

Also, I feel like saying.
Sometimes, while making this page, I got chills. Just an eerie feeling I don't get very often.
And yes. I made up all the poetry for the page on the spot.
Couldn't help it? :3
That's fine, dear.
x3 It's just nice to see you're alive. For a while there I was worried you had died or something with how quiet it got.
Hahah. That smile in the last panel IS brilliant. It's so deliciously evil. xP I wish I knew how to look so absolutely menacing...or draw things so absolutely menacing.
Poor Faust. D: Oh well. Guess he has it coming for messing with things he doesn't understand.
A small comment on the page before the last:
Tern turns! x3 Yay rhyming!

ANYWAY, now that that's out, I feel like I must say something else.
The plot thickens!
Oho! Go get her, Tern!
Show her who's boss! >D
8 hours? ._.
I could never!
The only thing I ever worked that long on was something I would never do again...
xD Fortunately I'm horribly lazy. -huzzahs-
Poor Memaatre D:
I do like the way to made him so tiny against the background. You do a wonderful job of conveying emotion in the picture.
How long did it take you to do? It looked easy, but then again sometimes the easiest looking things are the hardest to make...
As a side note, I must say I LOVE the sky. :D It's so beautiful.
xD your comic is well done and very amusing so far. I just wish I hadn't found it right after you got another one done!
I look forward to another update!
That's right. D:
I resigned!
I felt so bad for never updating for all my millions of different reasons I just couldn't take it any more. I'll still be watching the comic, and leaving updates though!
I love you, dears! I hope you understand!
I'm afraid I must tender my resignation. D:
I feel so lack luster in comparison to you all, and that combined with my lack of being up-to-date with our story, my lack of updating on the site and my guilt with all the above I just couldn't bear being on any longer.
I'll miss you all, and still plan to keep up-to-date on the comic.
Hee! x3 Gaap always makes me giggle. I owe you so many smiles for that.
It's been a while since I checked up, but I'm glad I did. It had been too long since I saw this comic. It's too good for me to treat like that.
Like Cahir-the-witcher I do find the repeat from the previous panel a really great thing. I was a little iffy about it, but after a second of really looking at it I decided it was better than I thought first.
Bravo! I tip my hat to you and cannot wait for the next comic!