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Luigi looks mad.I think Luigi is finally going to something useful ON PURPOSE! Woot woot.
I just realized something. So far, you have Sonic and Shadow left, and Mario and Luigi left. You plan to elimate Zero and leave the final match with Megaman and X. However if you take careful notice of the relationship between Mario and Luigi and Sonic and Shadow, you will see that Megaman and X don't fit. You should find a way to bring Protoman back in for the final battle instead of X. Your the author, figure it out. Still love this comic though.
Here's an idea for the fight in the Void. You should add some uber powerful character that has nothing to with Mario, Sonic, or Megaman. See if the victors of this round will team up to defeat the uber powerful character or continue to fight amongst themselves.
met hats are the best hats.
Panels two and three. Kamahama!
Mario "Gotta keep running, Gotta keep running"
Luigi should go Super Saiyan screaming, "You bastards!!!" *like how Broly screams, "Kakarot!!!!!"*
I believe that save is called a deus ex machina.
Funny how they all realize that they left Sonic and Amy alone. I LMAO.
Damn Bob and George. Everytime I look at the Megaman strips I always think of that comic and how they were in it.
^-^ has a point. Mega Man is made of metal so I don't think Sonic's quills will be able to get through that armor. Then again, Sonic moves too fast for Megaman to get a shot on him. So should we call those two a tie?
This probably doesn't help Mario much but originally he was a Japanese carpentor but somehow got transformed into an Italien plumber so maybe he can have a special blast-from-the-past attack and carve a hell load of catapults.