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Just a high school student :)
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I love the new layout!

And I love where this story is going - I can never wait patiently enough for the updates!
Yay Macs!
I love when people switch over to Macs, they are just too awesome! Down with Windows!! lol.

No worries about the tone-less page, It still looks good to me - my brain didn't even register there was no tone because I always like your art! Haha :)
The suspense! It kills! XD

Good luck with your career and job hunting :)
Haha, I think that makes sense - Master Dani goes down, Zoshi is new master and whips them all into shape...XD
Poor Koshi, now she knows the horror of school! XD

Love the cheese pun, but I think Tozz is right - gouda cheese doesn't have holes (well, not that I know of) unless you're counting the one made by the stick XD
Haha school often does feel like that (blank eyes, drool...yup, totally normal!).

I love Kea's sarcasm... "We ADORE learning!..."
She looks so soft and cuddley and cat-like (for lack of a better word). Love it!
I messed up in logging in - I thought this was another website! Ahaha. Could you delete that last comment? (from the guest, Tohruxtan)

I really love Koshi's expression! She's a little too chipper for being up and about at the crack of dawn...XD ANd sleepy Kea looks wayyy cute, 'specially with that angry face. :D
That's so funny! She fell asleep in the tub? XD
I just started reading your comic today. I zipped through all of it because it's so gosh darn good! I love love love your artwork, and the storyline is captivating! Eeek! Update soon (even though this page is today's!) XD