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i feel that someday soon i must get a comic up. i also like to draw and write. i'm hopeing to one day soon be able to mess with kids minds as a teacher.
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i hope this doesn't take a turn for the worse.
October 4th, 2012
they thought they had him and let their guard down. too bad for them.
December 8th, 2011
angry lunch.
December 8th, 2011
@_@ wow, seems interesting, new storyline gone sci-fi
fish men! yay, maybe they should stumble onto a game show.
I think he will find his differences a strength in the future. oh it seems like it could get very serious. >_< love some drama. he's so cute ^_^
cute, can't wait to see them in royalty finery.
very well drawn . i have so much trouble drawing them its not funny. love it ^_^
the artwork is so pretty can't wait to see more!
no cold feet you know you're going to get married. aw... he's so responsible.
wedding day fast approaching! <3
he's going to start jogging with him and the entire time hell be looking at his bubble butt cute awkward moments to ensue! ^_^ can't wait.
lol, and thats just a sampling of the thousands of religions that could be represented.
awesome ^_^
beautiful artwork! and you have improved greatly from the beginning. love the romance and the stories, this one could be epic ^_^. it was hard to get past the first few pages of story book pages but it was worth it. love love!
this looks good! can't wait to see how the story line folds out
Wow, I love this comic because of all the twists and turns and all the imaginative ways you enact things such as the books writing exploding off the page.
thats what i'm thinking when ever i read about another Vampire tween book. sooo funny RoFL!
YAY! Revamp and it looks so good.
oh man do like the way you angle! and your drawing is first rate, i'm a sucker for your shading. fun comic i hope you get published and make a lot of money with this.
i hate tables too! thats why i always eat in front of the computer. i like this art work its adorable! can't wait to see more.