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I don't like many things, but I hate a lot of things. Hobbies? Well sometime I like to pour a bowl of cereal and let it sit for a while before consumption. Aside from that I also enjoy writing and drawing. So if I'm not doing one, I'm liable to be doing the other.
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NO my favorite character just died!!!!
congrats on the spotlight
Those jerks...they aim to do harm!
Normally I don't care about spelling but when the art is THIS DAMN GOOD it draws attention to itself. Still love this thing though.
You ever read The Watchmen. This is like a funny version of that. I like it.
Hey I just nominated you for a spotlight. I hope you get it, this comic deserves it.
July 1st, 2008
I can't find the fav button...
I don't trust that guy!
I just read this whole thing. It's official, this is the best on smackjeeves!
I like this page it could make a nice wallpaper or something. Skilled coloring
I love these comics. That first one creeped me out, the second one was cool as hell, and this one is trip-tastic. Keep it up sir.