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Likes: Roleplaying, anime, manga, drawing, eating, sleeping, singing jpop/jrock ect.
Dislikes: Annoying people, being hungry, projects
What- What is this? A comic page? Two Comics Pages? /dies

The actual drawings for this is kinda old. .____. And I can't draw destroyed buildings at all. OTL

Only 6 pages left till the end of the chapter. All of which are action pages. Should I just mass upload them when they're done or just upload when I can?
Like I said, I'm working on pages again. I tried a different way of inking; I used less black ink (especially on characters). Does it look better this way or not?

Next page is a double page so it might take longer than expected. But action pages are coming up. :)

Something to look forwards to I guess.
March Break = No work

Like, at all.


New PS3 + Assassin's Creed + SoulSilver + Work + Uni/Scholarship Stuff = very unproductive

In any case, here's a page that...... probably sucks alot.


At least you officially learn a character name... yay?

-points to you in the direction of the character page-

Away with ye~
IT LIVES (Again)
Hahahahahaha... my life is hell.

I'm still getting used to my new job. In the time that I had off I managed to get this done. It's not Friday, but I haven't uploaded for a while so it might as well be early.

Updates will be irregular for a while as I straighten out my life. But, as next week is March Break, hopefully I can get some drawing in. ;A;

Is that an explosion I see there? -skips off-
I think I need to work on paneling D:
Speed lines were fun though. :D
Sorry for no triple post. Though I hear I did a good job on my exams and final projects. :D Next pages to come are more exciting than this. Though if anything I love Alexander's expressions. ♥

And if you want to play as Alexander and kill things, here is my game for my final programming project:

Just follow the instructions and have fun. Let me know your highest score. :3
For two weeks due to final exams. Therefore, first Friday of February is the new page. If I happen to get a bunch of pages done, it'll be a triple post, though I wouldn't count on that.

I really like how this page came out. :D
New Character FTW.
Manga Studio
I use manga studio. It is bothersome in the fact that the preview isn't very good, but if you zoom in to about 200% to 400% or so, the tones show up as they would if you exported it.

If you want to see the area that you're toning, right click on the layer and there should be a tone option setting near the bottom. Click on 'show tone area' and all of the tones will turn blue. It'll show the paste area of it. As far as I know, when you export the file the blue will be gone since it's like a highlight, but you can also just right click and change the setting to off when you're done.

I'll be making a tutorial on this once exams are over. :)
Favourite part?
Definitely that cart wheel (2nd panel) and the fourth panel.

It'll start getting better now. :D
It begins
with a boring page. I'm sorry. D: It'll get better soon.

Read Right -> Left
I edited the original cover page and made sure the katakana this time around was correct. Not much more than that. Next week the first page. :D Merry Christmas~♥
I love the pokemon scene you put in. XD
Are you gonna end up following the anime or the light novel that it is based off of? :/
Dood, Atticus will loose he's temper soon enough with that bird. :|
For one, its my fault this page took so long due to (for the most part) life. Also, it'll be the last page I'll be inking/toning for Altiaria Tales for now. I may come back, I may not. It all depends on life's whims. So, for now,

I'm.. done.
It took so long... partially my fault due to school. It would have been up a week or so ago... ^^;

Here it is though :D
This is Old
So blame Kaikou for not uploading it sooner. (Like 2 months old... >>)
Yes! Fear Me and my toning! >D
Sorry for no color but that would take too long... >>
I'm glad you think its nice.... :3
Fear le Perspective! >D