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Does he whip people? lolololol-*shot*
I has me a comic idea. =D *runs off to draw it.*

Is your pun supposed to have anything to do with LINE dancing? O.o? That's all I could think of.
I lost my charger for mic..... D: I need to buy a new one or find his or something. ; ^ ;
My internet is screwy right now, so can we like.. wait a little while? ; ^ ; I dun wanna be kicked out on a technicality.

P.S. I wasn't mad about the author's comment thing. just confused. I still don't know how to do it. :T
what the heck? Why does it saw author comments for yours? D:
This is Mic. The screen is orange ('tis why his shorts are orange.) And the part that's circled is where it says Mic.

P.S. I haven't posted here in FOREVER! D: I missed you guys. Hugs for all! *hugs everyone.*
O: We're doing Pin-ups now?! Oh Mic~

Mic: Oh, god no! *runs*
Eh? What's the tapping about? O.o? *confused*
I like panels. Took forever just to get this much, but hey. I'll probably make it nicer tomorrow. Most likely do lines, possibly shading. I was just so excited I couldn't wait to post it. XP.

Anyhoo, Mic has an outfit change. And he's checking for bullies because he's usually mean to people, but she's not taller than him, so he doesn't want to be mean, but he doesn't want people saying that he likes her, either.

Also, I did this entire page in pink and what not before I remembered that Mic hates pink XD. Lol. Oh well.

The hand is made of epic fail, but I couldn't get it any better than that. D:
I can't read the name D:
zomg. he has a nose ring! =D

And his freckles are cute. *loves freckles*
lol. Love the toga thing. I didn't even think about that when I first saw Zadaa. XP. lol.
good. I was having a horrible time trying to make him look cute. His hair is hard to make look cute. DDD;
lol. It sort of made sense to me.
Lol. I think you'd look better naked too, Kashi. ;D

Mic: >.> oh, God no.
^-^. Thanks. I agree. <333.
I love Mic's outfit. >w<. I got lazy and didn't shade Rize's clothes. Wanted to finish before tomorrow. *nod nod*

I just remembered I was going to put a little comic thingy at the side/bottom that had Rize giving Mic icecream and his saying, "Totally worth it."
really pretty outfit. :O
Daze will protect him! :D! And give whoever did that a beat down! >D