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I'm currently in the process of revamping (ie. completely redoing) my comic Twin Flame after like... 6 years. It was on here, but I've disabled it because it's super embarrassing lmao. I'm planning to make a decent backlog before I upload anything though, because I used to have real trouble finding the motivation to update - though I'm doing much better with that these days.

I've given myself a tentative timeframe of a year to get as much done as I can (as of summer 2016). I'd like it to be less, but we'll see!

My Instagram is current, would appreciate a follow!
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January 5th, 2019
I'm so glad you came back to and finished this! It's great to have closure on a story I really loved. I ended up re-reading it when you started posting pages again the other week, and I was kinda worried it wouldn't hold up but it actually did, considering how long ago you made it! I'm sure it's nice for you to have some closure too.

I'm sorry about what you're going through irl, my best wishes to you and your family. Congratulations on finishing 123 Step - it's an amazing achievement and I wish you all the best for the future!
Ooooh would Todd be able to see if he was linked? Through magic angelness?
January 10th, 2018
@bananababy: Are you aware people have lives/jobs outside their comics and stories take time to tell? Full-time authors take years to tell their stories, why would it be easier and quicker for someone who has to both write AND draw theirs?
December 30th, 2017
So many ppl are saying he's acting this way cos he's closeted. Like ppl can just be bigoted arseholes??? It's really unhealthy to have basically all homophobic ppl be thought of as closeted. It makes gay ppl look like the bad guys, and makes it seem more acceptable to be homophobic. I hope Liam's not gay, cus it just furthers this mindset
Seeing that purple was like a literal ray of sunshine. Jesus. Very very wise decision!
Can Sachy like transfer some ANGELIC LIFE FORCE or some shit into her like she MUST BE ALIVE RIGHT
Those. Motherfrickin'. Wings.
THIS IS SO COOL. I mean, really really bad. BUT... COOL.
@arswiss: Definitely! Intangible is the perfect word. It came across very well, so perfect job!
September 10th, 2016
FRUITS!! BASKET!! These two are so cute holy crap
I remember too, you saying about how the purple was significant! Or the future lack thereof, I guess?? This is all very exciting. When I saw it I was like "Is this something like limbo?" And then I saw the music was from Limbo. It was a nice moment ahahaha.
It's a great page. The background blurriness works super well, if I was there I would think i was partly imagining it, which would fuck me up. Which is totally the intention it seems :'D

August 24th, 2016
@Kyotee#2: I think Jamie is pansexual so he may well have talked about girls in the past? So cute that his mum is cool with it if he hasn't mentioned guys before tho!
@arswiss: yeah I used to get teased about my (relatively mild at that point) acne by people including a guy who literally had the worst skin I've ever seen. They really do just project it onto other people.
Really hoping Sashy comes over and gives em a good ol' fashioned colonic irrigation
Oh god no
Unfortunately the internet is pretty big, and getting noticed is near impossible - but you shouldn't be making this for other people, you should be making it because you love it! if you don't enjoy drawing it and you're just doing it for popularity, it's not gonna make you happy! :')

About 6 years ago I gave up on my comic for the exact same reason. I had no motivation to draw because of it, so I really do understand. If the age on your profile is right I was about the same age as you too. If I'd carried on instead of giving up, I'd probably have tons more fans and tons more experience. I'm going to start it up again, but if I'd carried on years ago I wouldn't have to - it'd be finished!

If you haven't got the motivation because of this, I totally get that. But if you're able to push through, do it! make a tumblr, make a facebook page, spread the word around as much as you can. Your passion for it will show, but you gotta show people you ARE passionate - and dropping the comic through lack of fans isn't the way to do that.
Really sorry if some of this sounded harsh, it wasn't my intention at all - it's just something I think I could have done with hearing when I was in your shoes.
Great to see some representation for ace folk for a change!
That puddle reflection is ohhh so satisfying! Great moody compositions here :)